Holy Family University Introduces the MBA Criminal Justice Concentration for January 2022

MBA Criminal Justice Concentration

In January 2022, the School of Professional Studies at Holy Family University is launching a new Criminal Justice concentration in the MBA program. This is the fourth concentration for the MBA degree.

Our new concentration will provide students with a critical overview of the criminal justice system and process. The instructional emphasis will be placed on the proposal of initiatives aimed at solving applied criminal justice problems, as well as maximum efficiency of personnel and resources.

This new concentration prepares students for a number of career options, including:

  • Corrections Administrator
    Salary: $57,720
  • Emergency Management Director
    Salary: $64,730
  • Customs Official
    Salary: $80,000
  • Financial Examiner
    Salary: $91,000

(Source: https://universityhq.org/degrees/mba-criminal-justice/#what_can_you_do_with)