Holy Family University Opens Saxbys Cafe During August 28 Ribbon Cutting

With fanfare – and flavor! – Holy Family University President Dr. Anne Prisco joined Nick Bayer, Founder & CEO of Saxbys, and the University’s inaugural Student Cafe Executive Officer (SCEO) senior management and marketing major Beth Montgomery in the cutting of the ribbon to open the newest location of Saxbys at the Northeast Philadelphia campus.

The new cafe is part of The Saxbys Experiential Learning Platform (the Saxbys E.L.P.) where students exclusively run the daily operation. Guests at the event were treated to samples of the Cold Brew Collection and grilled cheese sandwiches as part of the festivities. The first 250 guests received a free giveaway.

“We began thinking almost two years ago about what a Saxbys would mean for Holy Family University,” University President Dr. Anne Prisco said. “Since we are so focused on experiential learning, we recognize the dynamism that Saxbys brings to our campus. We are very thrilled to have Saxbys as a partner. What a wonderful way for our students to gain some experience and income, while also being able to stay on campus.  We were reminded that Saxbys does not call our students customers, they call them guests. It’s the same reflection that we have as a university.  They are our students and our guests.”

“The leadership team at Holy Family University has been absolutely wonderful to work with, welcoming us with open arms,” Bayer said. “This beautiful cafe is vibrant and open.  Beth Montgomery, our inaugural Student Café Executive Officer, is really ambitious, courageous, bright and humble.  She is everything that Holy Family University represents. Students who are going to work and run this cafe are going to receive academic credits, wages and full responsibility for the business’ profit and loss statement. The skills that these students will hone through this experience – things like financial intelligence, critical thinking, cultural agility and resilience- can’t be learned in the classroom, but they are so critical to success in life.  This is going to be incredibly difficult, but it is going to be highly rewarding, and knowing Holy Family students, I am confident that this will be extremely well run.”



Jan Giel