Holy Family University Student Sworn in as Bensalem Township Police Officer

Holy Family University graduate John Corcoran ’23, a student in the University’s 4+1 Criminal Justice to MBA with Criminal Justice Administration concentration, was sworn in as one of the four new police officers joining the Bensalem Township Police Department on September 25.

Corcoran joined fellow officers Mitchell Fenton, Jennifer Mullin and Madison Taylor during the swearing in ceremony by Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo. He holds a degree in from criminal justice and is currently completing his master’s degree.  A graduate of Father Judge High School, Corcoran will be attending the Temple University Police Academy in Ambler, PA, to obtain his Act 120 certification.

“We are so proud of John for joining the police department and are also pleased to share that Lt. Adam Kolman of the Bensalem Police Department is an adjunct instructor in the MBA program and a graduate of Holy Family,” said associate professor of criminal justice Patricia Griffin, Ph.D.  “Lt. Kolman’s daughter is also a freshman the HFU, so we really are family.”

“I was fortunate as a freshman to determine that law enforcement would be my career path,” Corcoran said.  “Growing up in Northeast Philadelphia, I have been surrounded by cops for my entire life.  My father worked as a dispatcher and then went the communications route in Public Safety at the University of Pennsylvania. At Holy Family, I was again surrounded by the right people and able to network. I received the right guidance. It was awesome to have so much support.

“I really do believe that Holy Family University has the best criminal justice program in the region,” he said.  “So many people in the profession get their advanced degrees here because you have the ability to talk and connect with extraordinary professors and people who are advancing their careers.  You understand very quickly that you have to be a certain type of person to be successful in law enforcement.  You have to enjoy being a public servant and helping people and have a desire to make a difference.”


Jan Giel