PsyD in Counseling Psychology Hosts Seventh Annual Ethics Forum

The PsyD in Counseling Psychology Department hosted its Seventh Annual Ethics Forum on November 14, as an opportunity for members of the first-year cohort to present their research about the field of psychology and the ethics necessary to practice in the field. The event was organized by Anne Murphy, MEd, LPC, who serves as the field placement and outreach coordinator for the Counseling Psychology Department.

“The annual Fall Ethics Forum is a standout component of Holy Family's Counseling Psy.D. program,” said first-year student Jamez Anderson. “Being given the opportunity to not only hold a professional event, but also to present at an event that is open to our University community and the public, is a phenomenal educational experience that most first-year students are not afforded in other doctoral psychology programs. For as much as I gained, I am equally grateful to have shared that momentous moment with my entire cohort." 


Jan Giel