Research Internship Students Present Findings at Society for Freshwater Science Annual Meeting

Holy Family University research internship students Emily Schwartz and Erin Moyer, working under the guidance of Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Elizabeth Carroll, recently presented their research findings to 1,000 attendees at the Society for Freshwater Science’s (SFS) annual meeting in Philadelphia.

The SFS is a premier, international organization of aquatic scientists who are interested in the study of freshwater ecosystems. The organization provides members with grants, service, and leadership opportunities, as well as access to scholarly articles on freshwater science, policymaking and management.

Schwartz’s presentation “Phenotypic Plasticity: Predation Inducted Morphological Defenses in Daphnia Magna” and Moyer’s project “The Effect of Habitat Fragmentation on Predation Rates in Two Freshwater Predators” both focused on the importance of habitat structure. 

“Most of the conference attendees were graduate students, post-docs, and professors,” Dr. Carroll said. “Emily and Erin were among the few undergraduate presenters. Both student projects received a lot of interest at the conference, and each had numerous visitors to their posters for question and discussion. They both did an excellent job fielding questions, and the reception to their work was fantastic.”


Jan Giel