Saxbys CEO’s Visit Sparks Personal Response from Holy Family University Marketing Students

Holy Family University marketing professor Dr. Don Goeltz anticipated takeaways from the students in his Principles of Marketing class following Saxbys Founder & CEO Nick Bayer’s recent visit. The candor of those responses, however, impressed both him and Bayer alike.

“I was very impressed with Nick Bayer and how he made such a great connection with my students,” Dr. Goeltz said. “The students were asked to share with me three things that they took away from the presentation. A lot of their responses were very personal.”

During his visit, Bayer encouraged the students to learn how to harness their entrepreneurial spirit and to rely on their own emotional intelligence and resilience to craft the career of their dreams.

“Today Nick Bayer inspired me,” said Victoria Slook. “His speech really resonated with me. For me, college has been a struggle. This is now my third major at my third school. There have been numerous times, and even recently, where I thought it might just be easier to give up. But he is a walking example of why I shouldn't. Based on what he was saying, I should face these challenges, because this is where I will learn and begin to flourish. His perseverance was truly inspirational and gave me the assurance that this will all be worth it, and I will come out better than I ever thought if I just believe in myself and face my challenges head on.”

“Thank you for giving our class the opportunity to listen to Saxbys CEO Nick Bayer this morning,” Brooke Daehling wrote in providing her takeaways to Dr. Goeltz. “I thought the meeting was very informative and inspiring. It was interesting hearing about Mr. Bayer’s journey to accomplish what he has today. I also liked how he told us about his setbacks and how it is not always easy, but if you have a goal, you stick to it. There are not many businesses that give students the opportunities that he does because it is very risky. He is very brave and a very selfless and caring person for doing that. I have never had someone that high in a business speak to one of my classes like that, and I enjoyed it very much.”

”My key takeaways from Mr. Bayer’s visit included his statement that your riches are not in the money, they are in the people,” said Devon DeVera, in listing what was most impactful. “Without culture, you have nothing in your business. Saxbys’ mission statement is “Make Life Better.’ Learning in the classroom is only half the battle, and Saxbys’ success comes from its mission statement and from the people who run it”


Jan Giel