Unrestricted Gifts to Holy Family’s Blue & White Fund provide an immediate impact on student success, enabling the University to provide Scholarships and Financial Aid to deserving students. Generous Holy Family alumni and friends can help make a high-quality, well-rounded, values-based education accessible to today’s students in need. Your support will change the lives of aspiring professionals, regardless of their financial situation, allowing them to access and benefit from a Holy family education.

Lead with Purpose: Tiger Retention Scholarship


Funding scholarships plays a pivotal role in enhancing student retention, improving graduation rates, and fostering a cycle of educational advancement and personal growth. Financial constraints often pose a significant barrier to our existing students. Allowing students to concentrate on their holistic educational experience without financial worry encourages persistence in academic pursuits, ultimately boosting retention rates. Retention scholarship funding is for students who are on track for graduation, but have unmet need and modest balances for tuition and fees. Tiger retention grants allow students who want to get their degrees the opportunity to stay enrolled. 

Your investment toward retention goes beyond financial aid; it’s an investment in the future of the individual Holy Family student, and it makes an immediate impact. Your gift empowers our students to thrive, as they contribute to a vibrant academic community, while completing their degree programs.

Your Support. Our Future.

The future of Holy Family University depends on you.

Have you benefited from the academic excellence, the support of faculty and administrators, or from lasting friendships made during your time at Holy Family? Please consider paying it forward so that future generations can experience what makes Holy Family University so special.

Our community is stronger than ever and our future is bright. Help us to continue to advance academic excellence while providing value for our deserving students.

To make your gift, visit holyfamily.edu/giving, or call Wendy Parsons, Vice President of Advancement at wparsons@holyfamily.edu or 267-341-5008 to discuss the best way to make your gift to generate the most impact.

Thank you for your consideration of supporting Holy Family University. Your gift makes all the difference.