School of Education Professor Featured on The Catholic Morning Show

Holy Family University School of Education professor Dr. Helen Hoffner was a featured guest on the October 30 broadcast of The Catholic Morning Show on Iowa Catholic Radio to preview her new book Catholicism Everywhere: From Hail Mary Passes to Cappuccinos – How the Catholic Faith is Infused in Culture.  The book, published through Sophia Institute Press, will be released on February 20, 2024. 

Catholicism Everywhere shares the origins of many common pastimes - such as personal computing, sports, and playing board games - all of which originated with the practices and work of members of the Catholic Church, as well as other aspects of daily life that have an interesting connection to Catholicism.

Copies are available for pre-order on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Cokesbury and other booksellers’ websites. 

Listen to Dr. Hoffner’s interview.




Jan Giel