School of Education Receives Grant from Pennsylvania Department of Education

Holy Family University

Holy Family University’s School of Education has been awarded a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

The three-year grant will focus on enhancing clinical experiences for student teachers and promoting effective teaching and leadership in partner local education agencies.

Over the course of the three year period, Holy Family will identify 10 faculty/supervisors to participate in “train the trainers” workshops. Following the workshops, those faculty/supervisors will be responsible for training project cooperating teachers, student teachers, principals, and university supervisors in those methods.

The University will also collaborate with project partners and Arts & Sciences faculty to integrate Pennsylvania Common Core curriculum and standards into their teacher and administrator preparation programs. Holy Family will utilize technology and/or blended delivery modalities in its teacher prep courses.

In addition to these two key areas, identified faculty members from the Schools of Education and Arts & Sciences will participate in professional development webinars and workshops; supervisors will implement effective coaching strategies when interacting with student-teachers; the University will be an active participant in the Forum for Preparing Effective Educators held at Penn State University – Harrisburg; and Holy Family will complete all required evaluation reports and assist the Center for Schools and Community with identifying participants and collection of data.

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