Second Annual Caregiving Symposium to be Held on February 13

Holy Family University

Rosalynn Carter once said, "You have either been a caregiver, you are a caregiver, you will be a caregiver, or someone will care for you."

Caregiving Symposium: February 13, 2016, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
The symposium is free and open to the public.

Caregiving touches us all at some point in our lives. Sponsored by the School of Education, Holy Family University's Second Annual Caregiving Symposium, is an opportunity to learn about practical, personal, and financial issues that are part of the caregiving experience. Drawing on the expertise of many disciplines, the Symposium will provide informative workshops and presentations on caring for others who experience complications of aging, disability, or trauma as well as caring for the all-important caregiver.

Join us on Holy Family University's Philadelphia Campus (9801 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19114) in the Education and Technology Center for a morning designed just for you, the caregiver.

We'd also like to offer a special thanks to our event partners: Networks for Training and Development, Philadelphia Office of Developmental Programs, and Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care.

Session Descriptions

Keynote: Caregiving–We All Have a Story
Gerry Anderson Arango, School of Education
Gerry Anderson Arango is the author of the memoir, What Would Nola Do? What My Mother Taught Me about Showing Up, Being Present and the Art of Caregiving. A professor of special education at Holy Family University, Gerry will share her story and offer insights into the many facets – physical, emotional and spiritual – of caregiving as parent, daughter and friend.

Critical Conversations about Financing Long-Term Care
J. Barry Dickinson, School of Business Administration and Extended Learning
Barry Dickinson's presentation will focus on long-term care from a financial perspective. 70% of individuals, over the age of 65, will require some form of long term care for at least three years in their lives. But how many of us plan for this almost inevitable reality? How much does long term care cost? Who does, and does not, pay for it? What is the best way to financially plan for your future care? When should you start planning?

Growing Old Together: Assisting Our Aging Parents with Respect
James R. Huber, Ph.D., LMFT, School of Arts and Sciences
In this upbeat, interactive one-hour program, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Jim Huber will affirm the challenge of assisting aging parents and offer ten practical tips for managing this important relationship with both respect and results.

Relaxation Room:
Taking Care of Yourself: The Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection

Jessica Stover, MS, ATP – Networks for Training and Development, Inc.
How can we more fully connect to life, events, and people around us when everything seems to be in constant motion? Join Jill and Jessica as we explore ways everyone can take a breath (literally!), become more grounded and centered, and be more present and engaged in activities and relationships that are the heart and soul of our well-being.

Advocacy 101
Linda Thompson, Ph.D., LPC
Caregivers often feel they need a voice in advocating for their rights and in understanding how to navigate complex systems of care and options. This session will discuss how caregivers can access advocates, find information on caregiver supports, and become active voices for change and support for each other.

Stress Reduction
Christopher Walcott, DC, Advanced Wellness Center of PA
This fun and informative presentation will outline some of the primary stresses experienced by caregivers, with immediate take home techniques for stress management. Dr. Walcott will go over the primary stressors, broken into the categories of emotional, chemical, and physical.  With each category, he will give real and effective techniques to manage the issues, including take home tools.

Creating Your Wellness Vision & Wellness Toolbox: Self Care for the 21st Century
Linda L Weihbrecht, BSN, RN, LMT, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
This training provides information on Stress Management with special emphasis on the stress response. The participant will gain knowledge about types of stressors, symptoms and effects of stress, positive and negative stress, and coping strategies and tips to reduce stress. Interactive workshop.

Wellness: Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul Using Chair Yoga and Meditation
Mary Wombwell Ed.D., RN, CNE | Boas Yu,  Ed.D., RN, FNP-BC, CNE, GCNS
School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Both yoga and meditation, when used consistently, have proven health benefits. Especially when practicing yoga and meditation together, the mind-body connection can be strengthened, improving overall fitness and well-being. They are both very portable and easy to learn. Chair yoga will be presented in the first half of the session; and meditation will be practiced in the second half. If you prefer to bring your mat, cushion, or blanket, please feel free.

Advanced Care Planning: A Guide to Caring For Your Loved One and Yourself
Melissa Wombwell-Twersky, LSW, CMC, Geriatric Care Manager, Geriatric Care Consulting
This presentation will provide a guide to caring for the elderly population and will cover several areas, including an explanation of long term care options (retirement community, home care, adult day care). Discussion will also include how this care is financed. The next area covered will be community resources that are available to seniors and how to access them. The third area will include information on advance directives including Living wills, Power of Attorney documents, Do Not Resuscitate orders, and what kind of assistance elder care lawyers can provide. The last area covered will include information on end of life care including hospice and palliative care. Funeral planning, support group information, and caregiver resources for self-care will also be provided.