Undergraduate Senior (2024) and 4+2 School Counseling Graduate Student (2026) Major: Psychology Minor: Mental Health Services and Sociology

Favorite Part About Holy Family:
Being at Holy Family, I feel cared for by everyone, which is my favorite aspect of the place. I make an effort to be as active as possible by attending every event that takes place on this campus. From the way these events are organized and constantly happening, I feel as though HFU is interested in our experiences and wants us to put emphasis on having a good time, rather than just academic success. Because of the small size of the school and the numerous events held here, I believe that making friends and connecting with the staff is easier, which is why this truly has been the best four years of my life. I am so excited to continue my education here for my master's.

Advice for Prospective Students:
Take care of your mental health. You cannot excel in anything unless you care for yourself and take care of your needs first. HFU offers FREE therapy for ALL students. If you do not have the means to travel to a therapy office, cannot afford it, or just want someone to talk to, take advantage of counseling services because they truly care for every single student who walks in their office. Plus, we have a therapy dog!



Jan Giel