Holy Family University is proud to offer students a highly supportive learning environment that values their personal and professional goals. Students in our Biology program thrive in our small yet challenging learning environment. We believe a key component of your college education is educating beyond the classroom and providing opportunities for hands-on experience.

What Can You Do With This Major?

Our Biology students have gone on to pursue graduate study in biological sciences, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacology. Others have found jobs in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, such as Medical Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc., and Virex, Inc., as well as laboratory technician positions at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Students who choose biological sciences are well prepared for careers in:

  • Biological Research
  • Environmental Law
  • Industrial Research
  • Medical Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Sales
  • Teaching
  • University Research

Major Coursework

Biology—Students are introduced to the biological, chemical, physical, and mathematical principles inherent in life at all levels of organization. The major offers basic training in laboratory techniques, including both theoretical and practical applications.

Biochemistry—Students are provided with a comprehensive and focused study in all areas from cell biology and molecular genetics to organic and physical chemistry.

Biology/Pre-Medicine—The Pre-Medical track is a focused set of courses which provide students preparing for careers in the health professions with knowledge of foundational concepts in the biological, biochemical, chemical, physical and social and behavioral sciences.

Biology/Medical Technology—After three years of undergraduate study in science, you’ll complete your senior year in an accredited hospital program rotating through principal clinical areas like hematology, microbiology, and immunochematology.

Real-World Experience

Undergraduate research is a real focus here. In fact, the capstone experience for all biological science majors is a research internship.

Students gain hands-on experience in laboratories at local universities and research institutes including:

  • Bristol-Meyers Squibb
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals
  • Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
  • Temple University School of Medicine
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine