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Information Literacy

Our initiatives are always evolving. Currently our information literacy programs include:

  • Working with all students in both ENGL 101 and 102 classes and other courses upon faculty request to orient them to the library’s resources
  • Conducting classroom sessions in which students and librarians actively collaborate to discover sources for their assignments
  • Co-leading APA workshops with the tutoring office
  • Meeting one-on-one with undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students to review APA compliance and reference construction
  • By faculty request, meeting with students in upper level, major-specific classes to provide subject-specific, in-depth instruction and research support

In these sessions and workshops, we work to develop skills which will enable our students to:

  • Discover and critically evaluate relevant information and diverse resources
  • Synthesize information into meaningful results through the successful completion of writing projects, presentations, and other faculty assignments
  • Engage in ethical discussions about intellectual property rights, plagiarism, and proper citation
  • Map how information literacy is intrinsic to successfully completing workplace assignments and to attaining personal goals throughout their lifetime 

If you would like to collaborate with the Library, contact Melissa Norman, our Information Literacy Librarian, via email at

For more information regarding Information Literacy please visit Library's Research Guides.