Affiliate Faculty


Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Wright State University
BA, Psychology & Sociology, Rutgers University

Courses Taught

Multiculturalism and Feminism in Counseling Psychology

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is integrative, and I believe that transformation happens when we integrate mind-body-spirit and have an embodied dialogue. I am trained in multiculturalism and intersectional feminism, and I take a trauma informed approach to my work and teaching. I believe that anti-racism work includes addressing all marginalized groups and identities and working towards liberation of all beings. In my classroom, I want to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, and throughout my teaching, I center the experiences of people who have felt not seen, oppressed, targeted or not allowed to be their full selves. 

Clinical Positions and Professional Experience

Owner and Practitioner, Nathalie Edmond, LLC DBA Mindful and Multicultural Counseling

  • Private practice providing individual, group and couples therapy to diverse group of adults
  • Anti-racism consultation and DEIJ trainings to group practices, yoga studios, school districts, churches, activism groups, nonprofits, small businesses that are grounded in mindfulness, trauma informed and integration of mind, body and spirit
  • Created 29-day virtual mindfulness challenge with guided meditations, Facebook support group (Commit to Sit), and video tutorials
  • Conduct presentations and consultations at agencies, yoga studios, and in the community on DBT, mindfulness based interventions, spirituality, trauma sensitive yoga, mind-body connection, racial trauma, anti-racism and multicultural topics
  • Expanded to group practice in July 2019 where oversee clinical and administrative employees
  • Teach yoga and meditation workshops and series

Awards and Honors

One of 30 psychologists selected for the 2013 American Psychological Association Leadership Institute for Women


Licensed Psychologist in New Jersey