Affiliate Faculty


B.A., Psychology, Duquesne University
M.A., Counseling Psychology, University of West Florida
Ed.D., Health Counseling, Temple University

Courses Taught

Graduate Level:

Vocational & Career Counseling
Career Psychology
Group Process

Undergraduate Level:

Health Psychology
Organizational/Industrial Psychology
Child Psychology
Educational Psychology
Identifying and Managing Occupational Stress
Beyond Stress and Burnout
Health & Disease
Sports Medicine
Human Sexuality
Dimensions of Wellness
Drugs & Society
Career Decision Making & the Career Development Process
Adult Development & Life Analysis
Psychometrics & the Employee Selection Process
Conflict Resolution
Personal & Professional Development
Performance Assessment & Motivation
Group & Organizational Behavior
Organizational Communication

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

A career committed to the Career Development field, with a concentration in career counseling, occupational well-being, and stress management. This includes counseling/advising, teaching, program development, and administrative/office management responsibility. A proven record of success in a wide variety of educational environments including major universities, community colleges, proprietary schools, and small colleges, as well as work in the private sector.

Recent Presentations/Publications

Book title: “Now What?” Career Development & Occupational Well-Being: The Fifth Dimension, 2014, 2016, 2018

Areas of Research

Career Satisfaction
Stress & College Freshmen