Major in Biology at Holy Family University

Education, Secondary Education, Certification in Biology, B.A.

The Secondary Education with a Biology certification prepares students to teach biological/life science courses in Grades 7 through 12.

What Can I Do with this Degree?

This is an ideal career choice for an individual who not only has a passion for science, but would like to convey to others the fundamental concepts in science through the art of teaching.

Program Details

Holy Family provides students with many opportunities to gain classroom and teaching experience. Our comprehensive field placement program connects students with a variety of field experiences from freshman through senior year.

Freshman and Sophomore Year—Observations  

Holy Family’s “Observation” experiences let students visit a wide variety of teaching environments. You will have the opportunity to visit public, parochial, private and charter schools. Through your own reflective journaling, you will relate what you are learning to the classes you’re taking in your first and/or second years.

Junior Year—The Practicum  

Junior year Practicum deepens your classroom experience. You’ll be placed one full day a week in a school working in a classroom under the supervision of a master teacher. You’ll do assignments, write lesson plans, teach several classes, and work with technology in the classroom.

Senior Year—Student Teaching  

In your final year, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, you’ll do your “Student Teaching”—a full-time supervised semester in which you will gradually assume the full classroom responsibilities of your student teaching placement.

Career Paths

This curriculum helps students master the material and allows them to apply their knowledge to meet local, Pennsylvania, and national standards established by the National Science Education Teachers Association, and the PA Academic Standards. Upon graduation from this program, our students qualify for the Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate which entitles you to teach Grades 7-12.

Courses graduates are eligible to teach with this certification include life science, botany, anatomy, biochemistry, biophysics, cell and molecular biology, ecology, environmental science, evolutionary biology, genetics, human and animal physiology, marine and aquatic biology, microbiology, radiation biology, toxicology, zoology, general science, and nutritional biology.

We strongly believe in placing students into the field and into as many different classroom environments as possible. Our comprehensive field placement program, unmatched in its amount and variety of field experiences, starts with freshman year and continues until graduation. Our field experiences include the following features:

  • Field placements arranged for you by our Field Experience Office in a wide variety of settings, including public, private, urban, and suburban schools
  • Experienced cooperating teachers and supervisors for junior-level practicum and student teaching
  • University supervisors who provide regular feedback, coaching, and mentoring
  • Class field trips to apply coursework in school settings

Internships & Employment

School districts working with our students and employing our graduates include:

  • Archdiocese of Philadelphia
  • Bensalem
  • Bristol Borough
  • Bristol Township
  • Centennial
  • Central Bucks
  • Cinnaminson
  • Council Rock
  • Hatboro/Horsham
  • Independence Mission
  • MaST Community Charter
  • Mount Laurel
  • Neshaminy
  • New Hope-Solebury
  • Pennsauken
  • Pennsbury
  • School District of Philadelphia


Program Information

Degree Awarded
  • Bachelor of Arts
Program Type
  • Certification
  • Major
Program Location
  • Main Campus - Northeast Philadelphia

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