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Student Planning

Student Planning is a tool that students and advisors use for planning andapproval of the classes required for the student’s program of study. Student Planning also allows the student and their advisor to interact in an e-advising platform.

Placement Testing

Holy Family University uses the Next Generation ACCUPLACER assessment to determine your writing and Math placements, while student's background and prior study of foreign language will determine the foreign language placement.

All incoming freshmen students must fill out the Student Placement Form below, to identify any previous college or AP credits taken while in high school. Students are responsible for submitting an official transcript of your Advanced Placement testing results, as well as a final official transcript from the college or university attended.

For Transfer Students

Forms for Transfer Students

The links below are used to show the courses taken at a particular school and their equivalents here at Holy Family. These are not official documents but can be used as a guideline to help students get a better understanding of how their courses matchup here at Holy Family. Official transcripts are required to complete an evaluation.

Other Resources