Careers Center

Finding a better life often starts by finding a job.

We’re proud of the fact that a high percentage of our students obtain jobs in, or closely related to, their chosen professions. However, not all matters of seeking employment are covered in the classroom, or even in internship and experiential learning programs. Our services include helping you not only to find interviews but also to prep for them. We encourage you to get familiar with us, and not to leave it until your graduation year. All students and alumni of Holy Family University are eligible to use our services, both in-office or online.

Careers Center Goal

To help students and alumni develop a successful vocational plan.

Students and alumni receive individualized career guidance in formulating and pursuing their career goals. From self-assessment, through career exploration, to devising the tools for an effective job search, personalized service helps meet the needs of each.

The Careers Center provides individual confidential career counseling. Offers job-seeking-skills advice on resume/cover letters, interviewing (mock interviews), how to effectively network with employers, learn job search techniques, help students decide on a major by taking a simple vocational assessment called, MBTI (15-20 minutes). In addition, the Careers Center sponsors career-oriented workshops and employer panels for the majority of majors, job fair, etc.

To set up an appointment, please call the Careers Center at 267-341-3201. Please be sure to see a list of upcoming Careers Center events and our career resources and information.


Angela Cutchineal, MSHE
Director of Career Development

Contact Us

The Careers Center office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and at other times by appointment. We are located in the Campus Center, Room 220 (Second Floor), on the Philadelphia Campus. You may reach us by phone at 267-341-3201 or by email at