Student/Peer Tutors

Meet our team of Student/Peer Tutors...

 Image of Amanda
Mandi is a Criminal Justice major in the class of 2019. She joined the CAE because she loves learning and hopes to help her fellow students get the same enjoyment out of learning as she does.
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My name is Amber Dawes and I am an Education major Pre K to 4th /Special Ed Pre K to 8th leaning more towards Special Education and have a minor in Philosophy. I tutor English, Public Speaking, Philosophy, Religion, and Writing. I joined the CAE to help guide students who are struggling on the right path.
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My name is Liz Hawrylack and I am an Accounting major. I tutor Accounting, Spanish, Public Speaking, and Economics. I joined the CAE because I enjoy helping others succeed in school and achieve their academic goals.
 Photo of Erin
My name is Erin O'Brien, and I am a nursing major. I love reading and playing field hockey. I also love my cat. Lastly, I love Holy Family University and I'm excited to be working in the CAE as a peer tutor. 
 Photo of Jamie
My name is Jamie Cannon and I am an Art-Therapy major with a Minor in History. I tutor Writing, Public Speaking, French, and Psychology. I decided to join the CAE because I really enjoy helping others to achieve their academic goals. I enjoy learning and I hope that by working in the CAE I can help others to love learning too.
 Photo of Joanne
My name is JoAnne Mamie, a Nursing Major, and I tutor Spanish and Biology. I am on the lacrosse team here at Holy Family. I love sports, listening to music, and helping people. I joined the CAE because I believe it is a great way to help other students while also helping myself.
 Photo of Marcel
I am a Nursing major who is a peer tutor in Mathematics. Specifically, I tutor students in the Math 106, 107, and 121 courses. Peer tutoring is a privilege that allows me to not only deepen my own understanding of the subject but also assist a peer in grasping the material much better.
 Photo of Meghan
My name is Meghan Rakus and I am an Early Childhood Education/Special Education Major. I joined the CAE because I wanted to help future educators with lesson planning and fulfilling their dreams. My favorite activities include being an active member of Ed Connections, Vice President of IDEA, and CoPresident of the Honors Student Council.
 Photo of Melissa C.
My name is Melissa. I am a Mathematics major in the class of 2020. In my down time, I watch Natflix or spend time with friends. Thanks to groups like the CAE, I know that it is never too early to ask for school work assistance.
 Photo of Nick
My name is Nick, and I am a Nursing major. I joined the CAE because I thought it would be a valuable oppurtunity to really help fellow students. Some of my interests include running 10Ks to half marathons and spending time with my four dogs.
 Photo of Patrick
My name is Patrick Murray and I am an English Major with a Minor in History. I am currently one of the Editors in Chief of Holy Family's Folio and a member of the Honors Student Council. I have a deep love for reading and writing, and work as a CAE tutor so I can teach others to enjoy it as much as I do.
 Photo of Sarah Montgomery
Sarah M.
My name is Sarah Montgomery, and I am a Biology Pre-Med major with a writing minor. I am a peer tutor at the CAE for English/Writing, and 100 level math. I enjoy being a tutor because I find it very rewarding to help someone grasp a difficult concept or overcome a challenge. In addition to working for the CAE, I am a member of the Honors Program, the Pre-Health Care Association, the Folio Literary Magazine, and I am the secretary for Albertans Science Club.
 Photo of Sarah P.
Sarah P.
My name is Sarah Pimble. I am a Special Education/Early Childhood Education major and intend to graduate in May 2019. I tutor writing, public speaking, and any education related areas. I love helping others learn, so the CAE allows me to put this passion into practice. I am president of Education Connections on campus and am an active volunteer with the Autism Cares Foundation.
 Photo of Yvette
My name is Yvette Costa and I am a Nursing major. I tutor writing, pubic speaking and A&P. I joined the CAE to help other students enjoy learning as much as I do and to help other student achieve their academic goals.