CAE Support Staff

Meet the Support Staff of the Center for Academic Enhancement...

 Photo of Brianna
My name is Brianna. I am a Nursing major. I find the CAE to be very helpful when it comes to academics, and I recommend it to all students. As student support, I hope to make the students that walk through the door feel welcome and to bring a lot of positivity to the room.
 Photo of Cailin
My name is Cailin McGuire and I am a Nursing major here at HFU. Being part of Habitat for Humanity and the cheerleading team, being positive and uplifting is important to me. Working with Student Support in the CAE allows me to help bring a positive attitude to every student that walks through our doors.
 Photo of Calley
My name is Calley Miller and my major is Nursing. I decided to join the CAE because I enjoy helping others as much as I can. I am currently a memeber of SNAF and mini thon on campus. My goal is to make the CAE a comfortable place to learn and grow academically.
 Photo of Danielle
My name is Danielle Schulke and I am an Early Childhood Education/ Special Education Major. I am focusing more on Special Education. As a student support, the CAE allows me to make students feel welcome. The CAE is very helpful to me as a student and I recommend it to all.
 Photo of Melissa C.
My name is Melissa. I am a Mathematics major in the class of 2020. In my down time, I watch Natflix or spend time with friends. Thanks to groups like the CAE, I know that it is never too early to ask for school work assistance.