A student referred to the CARE Team will be given the support and assistance they need by the University and access to any necessary community resources. A general outline of our referral process can be found below.

  • The CARE Team receives your referral via online submission, phone consultation, or email.
  • The CARE Team initially evaluates the report and will contact the student of concern to assess any resources needed. Our goal is to collaboratively establish an action plan with the student to reduce their obstacles to success at Holy Family University.
  • The Dean of Students, in conjunction with the CARE team, will coordinate with resources and check in with the student on their progress.
  • In the event a student is perceived to be at risk of harm to self or others, the CARE team, with assistance from appropriate University officials, will intervene with the student.
  • The CARE Team may determine there is no need to take any further action but will monitor the situation and concern. Please expect our communication with you to be limited as we will keep the details of our student follow-up private. However, if you have questions regarding the process, please contact the Dean of Students.

Points of Referral

Students will oftentimes share with you that they are struggling with their mental health. Students may ask you for guidance in getting help for their ongoing psychological support. If a student shares that they are struggling with mental health, and have shared no mention of suicide or harm to self or others, this student can be referred directly to Counseling Services at counselingcenter@holyfamily.edu. You can share this referral in an email or in direct conversation. It will be up to the student to make the appointment and take the initiative to get the support they need. Faculty and staff should also create a General Wellness Concern alert within CRM Advise; these are assigned to the Dean of Students and direct follow up related to wellness will occur, regardless if the student makes an appointment with the Counseling Center.

Students may share communication with you that can create immediate concern for the student. If a student communicates to you that they are considering suicide, or utilizes language that refers to “ending it all, can’t take it anymore, want to give up,” you should seek immediate support for that student. Faculty and staff members should immediately contact Marianne Price, Dean of Students, at 267-341-3204. If unable to connect with the Dean of Students immediately, contact Holy Family University Public Safety at 267-341-3333 and request to be connected with an on-call staff member. Public Safety is available to connect to on-call personnel both during and outside of normal business hours. Faculty and staff should also submit a CARE Team report to request direct follow up from a member of the Team.

If you are becoming increasingly concerned about a student’s behavior, or feel that an assessment of behavior might be of benefit to the student and University, a referral to the CARE Team may be the appropriate action, either because they are out of character or persistent even after being addressed. Faculty and staff may email the CARE Team at careteam@holyfamily.edu to share a concern, request a referral, or to ask for general guidance. A CARE Team report may also be submitted at any time and will result in immediate review and creation of assessment plan.

Any of these behaviors in isolation may not signal a major problem. If you are unsure whether a behavior should be referred to the CARE Team, please connect via email to review the circumstances