Winter snowflake

Winterim sessions are a great way for students who may be a course or two behind to take advantage of course completion options across academic programs and majors.

All courses are taught online, making them a convenient option.

The upcoming Winterim session runs December 19, 2022 through January 6, 2023.  

Designed to be conducted between the fall and spring semesters, Winterim session offers courses consistent with the Pennsylvania Department of Education requirement of 42 hours of instructional time for a typical three-credit course. 

2022-2023 Winterim Courses:

ENGL-202-OL World Literature II

EDSP-583-OL Special Education Practicum III

GSCI-105-OL Living in Environment

PSYC-110-OL Introduction to Psychology

PSYC-208-OL Lifespan Development for Non-Major

PSYC-342-OL Loss and Grief

PSYC-343-OL Social Psychology

SOCO-101-OL Introductory Sociology

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