Policy Name:  Named Gifts Policy
Policy Number: ADM-2003
Effective:  Legacy
Revised: Not applicable

Policy Statement

Holy Family University, a ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, offers education in the liberal arts and professions through graduate, undergraduate, and non-degree programs. As a Catholic University, Holy Family seeks direction and inspiration from the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, affirms the values of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and witnesses to the dignity of each person and the oneness of the human family. The University educates students to assume lifelong responsibilities towards God, society, and self.

Holy Family names facilities and academic centers and programs to encourage private support, and in grateful recognition of donors who have made significant financial contributions to the University. Current naming opportunities, as set by the Office of University Advancement, are listed in Appendix A.

Naming practices are to be consistent with Holy Family’s mission and values, and will be handled with a high-level of consideration and due diligence. Accordingly, all naming opportunities will be reviewed and approved in accordance with this policy, and with related University policies and guidelines.


1.  Naming of facilities, and academic centers and programs in recognition of gifts of $500,000 and above shall be forwarded by the Vice President for University Advancement to the University President for consideration and subsequent recommendation to the University’s Board of Trustees (or the Board’s Executive Committee, if time is of the essence) for approval. Naming in recognition of gifts of less than $500,000 shall be considered and approved by the University President.

     A.       No commitment for naming shall be made prior to approval of the proposed name.

     B.       In reviewing a request for approval of naming, consideration shall be given to:

            i.       the significance of the financial contribution to the University;

            ii.      the reputation and integrity of the individual or entity whose name is proposed;

            iii.     the relationship of the individual or entity to the University.

2.  Upon approval of a naming, a gift agreement will be completed and executed by all parties involved. (i.e., the University and donor or designated representative). The agreement should include a contingency clause regarding the renaming of a newly renovated or replaced facility or if a center or program is discontinued.

     A.       The naming of a facility will generally be effective for the useful life of the facility.

     B.       The naming of a center or program will generally be effective for the life of the center or program.

     C.       If a center or program is discontinued and the naming is supported by an endowment gift, the University President shall redirect the use of the endowment in a manner as close as possible to the original intent of the donor.

3.  A naming conferred in recognition of a pledge is contingent on fulfillment of that pledge and will be approved on that condition.

4.  Commitments to name new or newly renovated facilities should generally equal at least one-third to one-half of the total project cost. Such a commitment must be payable as an outright gift or over a maximum five-year pledge term.

5.  Commitments to name centers or programs should be in the form of an endowment gift to support and sustain the center or program, and the annual distribution should generally equal at least one-quarter of the center’s or program’s annual costs. Such a commitment must be payable as an outright gift or over a maximum five-year pledge term. If the commitment is a deferred gift, the naming will not occur until the gift is realized unless annual gifts equal to the expected annual distribution are made.


1.  A proposal to rename a facility or to add a second name shall adhere to the guidelines outlined above. In addition, these principles shall be followed:

     A.       Any proposal to rename a facility, center, or program or to add a second name in recognition of a gift shall be reviewed by University counsel. The review shall include the gift agreement and any other documentation pertaining to the original gift and related naming, as well as the gift agreement pertaining to the subsequent gift and proposed naming.

     B.       When a facility that has been named in recognition of a gift has reached the end of its useful life and will be significantly renovated (60% or more of the original facility) or replaced, the University reserves the right to assign a new name to the new or newly renovated facility by:

                 i.       Transferring the existing naming to the new or newly renovated facility; or

                 ii.      Asking the previous donor or, if a deceased individual, surviving members of their immediate family, to make a new naming gift. If the request is declined, the University may offer the naming opportunity to a new donor.

                 iii.     Appropriate recognition of the previous donor and related naming shall be included in new or newly renovated facilities.

2.  If a donor requests a change to the name of a facility, center, or program (e.g., due to divorce or corporate merger), the University will consider the request. If approved, all replacement signage and other related costs shall be at the donor’s expense.


1.  The University reserves the right to revoke previously named facilities, centers, or programs in circumstances where the continued use of that name may compromise the University’s mission and values. This may include if the individual or entity for whom a facility, center, or program is named later engages in any legal impropriety or personal or professional conduct judged to be detrimental to the best interests and reputation of the University.

2.  Revocation may also occur if a donor is unable to fulfill their commitment upon which the naming was approved.

3.  Any proposal to revoke a naming shall be reviewed by University counsel and considered and approved by the Executive Committee of the University’s Board of Trustees in consultation with the University President.


4.1  University-Wide

1.  To name a School:  $5 million

2.  Endowed Deanship:  $3 million

3.  Endowed Chair:  $2 million

4.  Endowed Professorship:  $1 million

5.  Academic Center or Program (depending on budget):  $1 million and above

6.  Endowed Scholarships:  $25,000 minimum

4.2  Buildings/Facilities

1.  Newtown Location Building:  $3 million

2.  Nurse Education Building:  $2 million

3.  Marian Hall:  $1 million

4.  Stevenson Lane Residence:  $1 million

5.  Garden Residence:  $250,000

6.  Undergraduate Admissions Center:  $100,000

4.3  Athletic Fields

1.  Soccer Field:  $500,000

2.  Softball Field:  $250,000 (proposed)

4.4  Campus Center (including proposed renovations)

1.  Building:  $5 Million

2.  Dining Commons:  $500,000

3.  Gymnasium:  $500,000

4.  Basketball Court:  $250,000

5.  Dining Servery:  $250,000

6.  Entry:  $250,000

7.  Game Room:  $100,000

8.  Event/Meeting Rooms (2):  $100,000

9.  Campus Ministry Office:  $50,000

10.  Student Government Association Office:  $50,000

11.  Student Organizations Office:  $50,000

12.  Bookstore:  $25,000

13.  Faculty Dining Room:  $25,000

14.  Breakout Seating Pods (#?):  $5,000

4.5  Chapel (proposed)

1.  Building:  $1 Million

2.  Campus Ministry Endowment:  $500,000

3.  Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room:  $300,000

4.  Nave (central part of Chapel):  $250,000

5.  Sanctuary (innermost part of Chapel):  $100,000

6.  Terrace:  $100,000

7.  Altar:  $75,000

8.  Foyer:  $50,000

9.  Tabernacle:  $50,000

10.  Stained Glass Window (#?):  Starting at $25,000

11.  Restroom (2):  $10,000 each

12.  Pulpit:  $10,000

13.  Digital Piano:  $5,000

14.  Stations of the Cross (14):  $2,500 each

4.6  Holy Family Hall (including proposed renovations)

1.  Building:  $5 Million

2.  Lobby/Welcome Center:  $500,000

4.6.1  First Floor

1.  Radiologic Science:  $25,000

2.  Classroom:  $20,000

3.  IT Offices:  $20,000

4.  Behavioral Science Lab:  $15,000

5.  Digital Video Lab:  $10,000

6.  Faculty Offices (13):  $5,000

4.6.2  Second Floor

1.  Student Services Center:  $100,000

2.  Student Services Lobby:  $50,000

3.  Academic Advising Office:  $25,000

4.  Admissions Office:  $25,000

5.  Bursar/Business Center:  $25,000

6.  Financial Aid Office:  $25,000

7.  Registrar Office:  $25,000

4.6.3  Third Floor

1.  Multi-Purpose Classroom:  $50,000

2.  Classrooms (4):  $25,000

3.  SAS Dean’s Office:  $15,000

4.  Student Area:  $10,000

5.  Faculty Offices (25):  $5,000

4.6.4  Fourth Floor

1.  New General Biology Lab:  $50,000

2.  Enlarged Chemistry Lab:  $5,000

3.  New General Teaching Lab:  $25,000

4.  New Biology Research Rooms (3):  $10,000

5.  Student Lounge:  $10,000

4.7  Library

1.  Building:  $2 million

2.  Library Executive Director Position:  $1 million

3.  University Archives:  $500,000

4.8  Other Selected Naming Opportunities

1.  Faculty Development Fund (depending on faculty position):  $50,000 and above

2.  Computer and Science Laboratories (depending on size and location):  $25,000 and above

3.  Cub Café:  $25,000

4.  Labyrinth:  $25,000

5.  Lobbies and Foyers (depending on size and location):  $25,000 and above

6.  Classrooms and Lecture Halls (depending on size and location):  $10,000 and above

7.  Faculty, Staff, and Administrative Offices and Suites (depending on size and location):  $10,000 and above

8.  Meeting and Conference Rooms (depending on size and location):  $10,000 and above

9.  Student Lounges (depending on size and location):  $10,000