Policy Name: Wireless Network Policy

Policy Number: IT-6002

Effective: 2017/07

Revised: 2019/07

Policy Statement

This policy addresses the use of IEEE 802.11 wireless data networking protocols, commonly known as "Wi-Fi" or "wireless Ethernet." These protocols are used for connecting client devices to a data network through the use of over-the-air radio signals. The primary advantages of wireless networks are mobility and flexibility. The primary disadvantages are that wireless networks are more susceptible to service disruptions, and they operate at slower speeds.


  • Access to the wireless service will be restricted to authorized students, faculty, staff, and HFU-sponsored vendors/consultants, and to a limited degree, the general public.
  • Students, faculty, staff and sponsored vendors/consultants shall be authenticated with their HFU user account. General public guests will be provided a Guest UserID for authentication.
  • The wireless service shall protect authentication credentials through the use of data encryption.
  • Users of the wireless service are responsible for obtaining a device that meets the current implementation requirements.
  • IT reserves the right to revoke wireless service authorization for any individual or for any device that is disrupting the operation of the wireless service. Violation of Holy Family's policies or the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy will result in revocation of authorization to use the wireless service.
  • Faculty, staff, students and guests shall not install personal wireless networking equipment in University owned or leased spaces, either connected to the HFU network or not connected to prevent a conflict of wireless radio interference.