Portrait of the Holy Family

CSFN Core Values

The United States Province of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth – the Holy Family Province – is happy to share the re-articulation of the mission core values by which they live and share in service with their sponsored ministries, including Holy Family University. These values are Faithful Listening, Loving Relationships, and Recognizing God in the Everyday – all of which promote a deeper realization of FAMILY, the Congregation’s Charism or special gift and focus. The following videos (four narratives covering the history/charism and the three mission core values, accompanied by three songs with visuals) comprise Year 1 of a three-year formation program for members of the laity responsible for the work of the Congregation through their schools, and social service and healthcare facilities in the United States.


Chapter 1 - History/Charism

Chapter 2 - Faithful Listening

Chapter 3 - Loving Relationships

Chapter 4 - Recognizing God in the Everyday

Chapter 5 - Nazareth Sprituality

Chapter 6 - Spirituality and Prayer

Chapter 7 - Faithful Listening, Faithful Living Among Changes in Life

Chapter 8 - Expressing our Values in a Polarized World

Chapter 9 - Expressing our Values in a Pluralistic World

Chapter 10 - Expressing our Values in a World United