Dr. Menago and Psy.D. Student Josue Martinez Present Pennsylvania Psychological Association Spring Virtual Conference

Holy Family University

Diane Menago, Psy.D., program and clinical training director of the Doctor of Psychology in Counseling Psychology program in Holy Family University’s School of Arts & Sciences, and Josue Martinez, a student in Holy Family’s Psy.D. program, presented the webinar “Helping Grieving Clients Find Meaning in their Loss” hosted by the Annual Pennsylvania Psychological Association Spring Virtual Conference.

The webinar provided a thorough and multicultural examination of grief and loss and ways to facilitate healing through interventions that support meaning-making.

“Death is a universal experience that everyone has to deal with at some point,” said Dr. Menago. “However, we don’t really talk about our personal experience or the tasks associated with taking care of the deceased. We hope to open the door to having candid conversations regarding grief, loss, and meaning-making.”

“My constant stance is one of learning,” added Martinez. “The human experience is extensive and complicated, and it is always worthwhile to learn more about it. The subject of loss, grief, and meaning-making is one that I have experienced as well, and want to invite others into the journey of familiarizing ourselves with such a complex process. Additionally, it adds to my understanding and growth as a student and developing professional.”

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