Holy Family School of Nursing & Health Sciences Celebrates 43 Nursing Students in the Second-Degree Fast Track and PTEW Programs at October 26 Pinning Ceremony

Holy Family University celebrated the accomplishments of 43 nursing students in the Fast Track and Part-timex Evening + Weekends (PTEW) Programs during an October 26 Pinning Ceremony. The ceremony is a symbolic welcoming of soon-to-be graduated nurses to the nursing profession and a cherished rite of passage at the completion of these rigorous programs. The pins are provided as a gift from the Holy Family University Alumni Association.

“I have the deepest respect for those who choose to be in healthcare,” Holy Family University President Dr. Anne Prisco said. “When I am out visiting hospitals, people are constantly saying to me, ‘Please, send us your nurses.’ That is because not only do you have the knowledge and skills to excel in the field, but also because, as a Holy Family nurse, you bring a sense of compassion and care with you. We know that coming through these accelerated programs is a huge achievement. To each of you I say, ‘well done’!”

“Welcome to the profession” said Margaret Harkins DNP, MBE, MSN, GNP-BC, RN-BC, Dean of the School of Nursing & Health Sciences, in addressing the graduates. “This is one of the most difficult goals that you will ever accomplish. The nursing profession is dynamic and ever-changing, and it will reward you every day. I hope that becoming a nurse humbles you and keeps you grounded because you will be seeing patients at their most vulnerable. They will look to you, as their Holy Family nurse, as a source of support, caregiving, knowledge and help.” 

Students enrolled as working-professionals with a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in Holy Family’s 14-month Second Degree Fast Track BSN and 22-month Evenings + Weekends Program can earn a bachelor of science in nursing degree and become a professional registered nurse. The layout of the program features all courses, clinicals, and labs on the evenings and weekends without any full-time student commitments. The program is offered in the spring and fall, with classes meeting two nights during the week, and clinicals held on weekends. For additional information, including admission requirements, please visit the program website.


Full-time Fast Track BSN program -Cohort 22
Caran Baxter, Dorina Ciuciu, Rafaelina Cruz-Girona, Gianna Decker, Paige Hartigan, Shweta Julka, Lauren Kane, Carolyn Ludes, Katherine Marron, Terry Mensah, Helan Mathew, Milan Mathew, Regan Moncrief, Alexis Morace, Cyril Philip, Alana Rago, Regina Russo, Cory Samsel, Robert Sayce, Brooke Segich, Ashley Sherretta, Anastasiia Shostak, Emily Snyder, Pearlenia Tillman, Juan Torres, Lorena Valles, Sydney Vanvourellis, Shykeema Zimmerman


Part-time Evening and Weekend BSN program - Cohort G
Stephany Almonte-Then, Ata Angmor-Teye, Shamika Bonney, Alyssa Bosler, Astrid Cerrada Mestra, Cammi Cheeves, Meghann Enright, Wilneris Fuentes, Alexandra Haftek, Alicia Jeffers-Howard, Aziza Mukhamadieva, Christopher Naimo, Adefunke Olaniyi, Sherika Pierce, Kelly Wall


Jan Giel