Psychology Student Testimonials

PSYC 4+2 Student Donna Jenkins

“My name is Donna Jenkins, and I am a full-time student at Holy Family University. I am majoring in psychology with a minor in sociology. I am going into a second career, so I am not your traditional student. For many years I wanted to complete my degree in counseling, but my career took precedence. Once the chance to return to school presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity.

I am a transfer student from Bucks County Community College, so the relationship between to two schools made the transition easy for me. I have also had the pleasure of being accepted into the 4+2 program at HFU. Again, I am not a traditional student, so being able to take courses toward my graduate degree, while still earning my undergraduate degree was a welcomed advantage.

The professors I’ve encountered have been wonderful. They ensure I understand the lessons, and even schedule additional office hours if necessary. The undergraduate course material makes certain that I will be well prepared, once I enter the field of psychology on a professional level. The 4+2 program allows me the opportunity to experience counseling psychology, hands on. These assignments place you in the mindset of a professional counselor. My experience at HFU has been all I had hoped it to be! I am happy that I choose HFU, and I am excited that I will be completing both my degrees under their instruction.” Donna Jenkins - Current Psychology 4+2 Student

PSYC 4+2 Student Paul Jones

“I applied to the 4+2 program and was still not sure psychology was the field for me. When I took my first graduate course I knew for sure that this was what I wanted to pursue. As I walked in, the students greeted me and introduced themselves to me, and they were involved enough that the teacher was able to show enthusiasm for the subject material. The work is rewarding and applicable to real world needs, and is home to a myriad of engaging conversations. You learn all about your peers and their stories and who they want to be, and it inspires you to reach for higher goals that you never thought of before. The workload is less in quantity than undergraduate courses, but looks for quality and requires delving deeper into the assignments.

If all of these factors are not enough to persuade you, the graduate courses are less expensive when being taken at the same time as undergraduate courses; and you spend less time in schooling as when you graduate with a bachelor's, you will already have credits towards your masters. If you are looking for work that is rewarding and enjoyable, peers who feel your voice matters and hope to succeed as much as yourself, teachers who are able to express their full love for the subject, and saving money, the 4+2 graduate program is the experience for you.” Paul Jones - Current Psychology 4+2 Student

PSYC Danielle Conaway“Holy Family University shaped me into the woman I have become today. The Psychology program, provided me with a well-rounded education, and the tools needed to succeed in life as I further my education, and career to help others. This program teaches you techniques that can be applied to every day life, and the patience needed to help others. This program not only gives you education from a book, but also teaches you to think out of the box, and applies many real-life scenarios to best prepare you for the encounters in this field. The class sizes are smaller, allowing for an ideal learning environment, and the opportunity for social interaction during class discussions. The faculty care about each student, and know them by name. They keep the challenging curriculum interesting, and are always available if a student needs clarification, or extra help. The faculty strive to help a student succeed, both in life, and in the classroom. The class selection for the Psychology program is very broad, and allows for classes to overlap in different areas of curriculum. I was able to major in Psychology, as well as double minor in sociology, and gerontology, all while completing my education in four years. Choosing to continue my education through Holy Family University’s Psychology department was one of the best decisions of my life.” Danielle Conaway - Class of 2017

PSYC Allison Yanar“When I first applied to Holy Family University, I would have never expected my undergraduate experience to be ultimately life-changing. Upon graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, I’m amazed at my personal, academic, and professional growth. In the Psychology department, I’ve been mentored by, learned from, networked with, and built relationships with the best professors. The professors in the Psychology department are understanding, practical, highly educated, and they have a true passion for helping their students learn. I am confident the Psychology faculty will be a resource to me for the rest of my life. In the classroom, I learned from more than a textbook, and I’m now able to apply my knowledge into real-life scenarios and experiences. During my senior year, I was the President of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Club (SBS) which is a phenomenal addition to the Psychology program itself. The SBS club allowed me to create everlasting friendships with those in my major, and it allowed me to provide service to those in need. I can honestly say I’m prepared to start my career after attending this program, and looking back, I feel as if being a part of this program is one of the best decisions I will make in my life.” Allison Yanar - Class of 2017

PSYC Andrew Orapallo“Holy Family University’s psychology program has not only provided me with a well-rounded education, but also has given me the opportunity to excel outside of the classroom as well. The strong curriculum, paired with dedicated faculty, allowed me to successfully complete two research internships at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia designed to assist underprivileged youth. These experiences have given me the confidence and motivation to further my education in childhood development and psychopathology, both in research and practice.” Andrew Orapallo - Class of 2016

“In my time here at Holy Family University, I would have to say the most rewarding was being part of the psychology program. When I first decided to come to Holy Family, I had no idea if psychology was the right major for me. However, I now know that declaring this major is something I will never forget. Not only did I receive the proper education needed for this field, but I also had the opportunity to learn from some of the best professors. With each class that I took, from Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences to Physiological Psychology, I was able to understand the material thanks to the professors. They were always available if needed and kept the classes intriguing and educational. I learned the proper skills needed to pursue careers in this area of concentration. Also during my time in the program, I was able to be apart of the executive board of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Club, which was an organization made to help bring awareness to a variety of social and mental issues. Also, I was able to become President of the Psi Chi National Honor Society Chapter at this university as well. Seeing all that I was able to accomplish in my four years here, I am very pleased to have been a part of this program.“ Christine Falchetta - Class of 2016

“I am currently a senior at Holy Family University, enrolled in the Psychology Program. I decided to continue my education much later than most students. The reason that I chose Holy Family was due to its great location and low tuition rates. As my journey continued through the classrooms, I discovered that each professor I encountered seemed exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, patient, and professional. If I ever needed any clarification, the professors were always accommodating and helpful.

In addition to the staff, there is also an array of diversity within the student's’ background. I have met students who have traveled from Arizona, as well as England to attend Holy Family.

Furthermore, this school provides an excellent library to study, use a computer or printer, borrow books, and listen to audio books. On many occasions, I have needed journal articles for my research and the librarians have always been very helpful in my search. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this school. Although my graduation is approaching, I will miss the camaraderie and friendships along this self-rewarding journey. It may sound cliché, but Holy Family University truly gives students a feeling of “Family.” Amy Brandt - Class of 2016