Master of Education (MEd) Initial Teacher Certification

This program is designed to provide individuals, who have undergraduate degrees in fields other than education, the opportunity to pursue a career in teaching grades PK – 4. While earning your MEd degree, you will also meet Pennsylvania state teacher certification requirements for PK – 4. Classes are offered in both a blended and online format as 8-week courses. Once completed you may choose to add on Grade 5 and Grade 6 certification through further testing.

What can you do with this master's degree in education?

Most of our program's graduates obtain employment as full-time teachers in public, parochial, or private schools. Other career options available to our graduates include:

  • Textbook sales representative
  • Adult training specialist
  • Instructional designer
  • Academic coach
  • Preschool director, coach, or consultant

What are the goals of this program?

The program goals are to prepare students for Pennsylvania teacher certification by instilling the requisite skills, attributes and knowledge.  Graduates of the program will have a thorough knowledge of content and pedagogical skills in planning and preparation; will be able to establish and maintain a purposeful and equitable environment for learning, in which students feel safe, valued, and respected; engage students in learning by using a variety of instructional strategies; and demonstrate qualities that characterize a professional educator.


The course of study includes a background in educational psychology and pedagogy.  The curriculum incorporates coursework in identifying and meeting the needs of all learners, including English as a Second Language Learners and learners with special support needs.  In addition to content classes, students complete a variety of field experiences.

Why choose Holy Family University for your Master's Degree in Education?

Holy Family University has been preparing teachers for Pennsylvania certification for over 60 years. The School of Education has established strong relationships with school districts across the region. School superintendents and principals hold our graduates in high esteem and are eager to hire them.  Our experienced faculty are committed to the HFU core values and treat each student with respect and care.

This master’s program has been recently redesigned to better meet the needs of working professionals. Classes are held in a “blended” format, with face-to-face classes limited to once a week throughout most of the program.

To be eligible for Pennsylvania certification, students must spend a minimum of 14 weeks, full-time, in a PK-4 classroom supervised by HFU School of Education faculty, for their culminating experience.

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