Clearance Information

All Undergraduate and Masters-level students enrolled in Teacher Certification programs must take steps to ensure that they have updated clearances on file with American DataBank prior to the start of any course in the School of Education that requires school-based observations or activity. Clearances are valid for one year from date of issue and must be renewed annually for the duration of a student’s program. This is true for all students, employed at school sites or otherwise. Questions regarding this requirement may be directed to the Field Placement Office.

Click on the links below for information on how to obtain each of the required clearances. Students must create an account with American DataBank and then upload their clearances to that site. American DataBank charges an annual membership fee of $25.

Clearances expire one year from date of issues and must be renewed annually. It is recommended that students renew their clearances each summer so that they are valid through the fall and spring semesters.

Required Clearances

(Note: all clearances expire after one year and must be renewed):

Click on the above link. Type in the following service code when prompted: 1KG6XN. Click on “Schedule and Manage Appointment” and then follow instructions for registration and payment information. A credit card will be required. Once registered, you will be permitted to schedule an appointment online at a local site for fingerprinting. The system will generate a receipt that you must then take with you to a fingerprinting site. You must physically report to the site for the fingerprinting. Once fingerprinted, you will subsequently receive an email message with a link to your fingerprint report. CAUTION (read carefully): Once you open the link to your report, do not leave the site until you print or save the report. Once you leave the site, you will not be able to return to it and will thereby lose access to your FBI fingerprint report. Print or save the report as a PDF before closing the page!