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Shelley Robbins, Ph.D.

Shelley Robbins, Ph.D.

The hallmark of students who complete a program of studies in the School of Education at Holy Family University is a love of learning, a passion that manifests itself in two ways. The first is a drive for both personal and professional growth, resulting in a mastery of content to be taught and the pedagogical skills needed to create effective classrooms.

The second is an affirmation of the dignity of each human person. Students take the initiative to learn about others and the diverse viewpoints they contribute to society. Their passion for learning is rooted in their deep respect for students, parents and colleagues; a respect that prompts them to provide the kind of instruction that will maximize student achievement and challenge themselves and others to think deeply about their experiences and their learning.

Our graduates lead by example and model for their students and colleagues the intellectual and moral rigor that characterizes the very best of educators.


The School of Education and many of its programs are widely regarded as being among the best in the region. In addition to our first-rate academic programs, the faculty within the School are committed to addressing some of society’s most critical needs. Our renowned faculty are thought leaders in education and practitioner-educators, and are driven by the conviction that their work in the classroom and in the community should benefit the City of Philadelphia, the region, and the world.

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