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Meet Our Counselors

Have a question about the undergraduate, transfer, or graduate admissions process?  We can help!

Our admissions team is standing by and ready to assist you in any way -- from completing your application, to questions about programs of study, living on campus, scholarships and financial aid, and more. Scroll through our list of counselors to find the expert who is right for you. Not sure?  Contact and we'll get you to the right place.

Edward P. Wright, VP, Enrollment Management

Edward P. Wright
Vice President, Enrollment Management

Phone: 267-341-3205

Lauren Campbell, Director of Admissions

Lauren Campbell
Director of Admissions

Phone: 215-637-3050

Kimberly Jamison Graduate Admissions Recruiter

Kimberly Jamison
Graduate Admissions Recruiter

Phone: 267-341-3024

James McDonough, Admissions Counselor

James McDonough
Admissions Counselor

Recruitment Territory: New Jersey, New York High School & high schools in all other U.S. states 

Phone: 267-341-3215

Tim O'Driscoll, Assistant Director of Admissions

Tim O'Driscoll
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Recruitment Territory: All Philadelphia High Schools & International First Time Freshman

Phone: 267-341-3475

Jennifer Peters, Admissions Counselor

Jennifer Peters
Senior Admissions Counselor

Recruitment Territory: High School in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester Counties & High Schools in all other PA counties (except Philadelphia)

Phone: 267-341-3415

Melissa Preston, Associate Director of Admissions

Melissa Preston
Associate Director of Admissions

Recruitment Territory: All Traditional Undergraduate Transfer Majors

Phone: 267-341-3321