Master's Degree in Education

Holy Family University's School of Education offers graduate students a variety of study options to fit their career goals and interests. Our state-approved, accredited graduate programs are ideal for experienced teachers seeking additional certification or career changers who wish to become teachers.

Academic Programs

Initial teacher certification programs are designed for individuals with an undergraduate degree in a field other than education. While earning a Master's degree, students also meet the state certification requirements.

Early Elementary Education (PreK–Grade 4)

This program certifies students to teach in PreK and early elementary classrooms.

Master of Education (General)

This degree is designed for educators seeking an opportunity to study new areas of education and areas of special interest. This program does not lead to Level I teacher certification.

Master of Education with certification in Special Education or Special Education certification with no degree

This program is designed for those with prior teaching certification in Pennsylvania seeking an additional certificate in Special Education N–8 or 7–12.

Master of Education in Special Education—Advanced Practice

This program is designed for students who have certification in Special Education and wish to complete a graduate degree that includes advanced courses in Special Education.

Master of Education Degree in Education Leadership (with PA Principal certification or Principal certification with no degree)

These programs are designed for those with a valid teaching certificate, at least three years of professional school experience, and a strong desire to accept the challenge as an educational leader in an elementary or secondary school. Candidates who have an earned master's degree can enter the program for Principal certification.

Master of Education with PA Reading Specialist certification or Reading Specialist certification with no degree

For the experienced teacher holding a teaching certificate, this program offers an opportunity to learn new ways to assist students in learning to read, write, and communicate effectively.

Reading Supervisor certification

This program is for those with a master's degree in reading and five years of professional school experience in that field. The certificate entitles a person to function between school administration and certified professional staff in a public school developing, implementing, and supervising the K–12 reading program.

Master of Education in TESOL and Literacy

Students will gain a strong foundation in theories of reading and writing in a first and second language, as well as practical knowledge about how to help ESL students succeed. This program is open to all applicants, but if you wish to obtain an ESL Program Specialist Certificate, you must hold a valid Pennsylvania Instructional I or II certificate.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Specialist PA Certificate for Teachers

The Pennsylvania Department of Education approved this program to offer the English as a Second Language (ESL) Pennsylvania Program Specialist Certificate to qualified Pennsylvania teachers. Candidates for this certificate must hold a valid Pennsylvania Instructional I or II certificate.

Autism Endorsement

State approved endorsement for those with an active Level I or Level II certification. The purpose of the endorsement is to document knowledge in new and existing areas where formal teacher certification does not exist. The endorsement certificate is intended to improve a
teacher's skills in dealing with complex classroom settings to include autism spectrum disorders.