Outside Scholarships

Outside Scholarship Listing

Updated: 04/30/2019

Below is a list of private scholarships offered by outside entities. We have no direct involvement in the selections but will periodically update this list for students to identify potential opportunities.

Scholarship NameDeadlineAwardMajorRequirementsWebsite
A Place for Mom Senior Wisdom Scholarship Annually - May 1st $1,000 Nursing or Related Major Must be planning on a career working with senior citizens  Link
ABC Scholarships Annually - June $2,500 Any High School Seniors, Current Undergraduates, Essay


AES Engineering 10/06/19 $500 Any   Link
AffordableColleges.com - Search varies varies Any varies Link
American Heritage Scholarship 03/18/19 $1000 Any

Graduating HS Seniors / Member of credit union / 2.5 GPA

Applicant Tracking Systems HR Scholarship Annually - 2/15  $1,000  Human Resources, or HF-related program  Have completed at least one HR course with at least a 2.5 as Undergrad, or a 3.0 as a grad Link
Autolist Scholarship 3/1, 6/1, 9/1, 12/1 $1,500 Any UG or GR student, US Citizen Link
Azazie Scholarship Annually by 5/31 $1,000   High School seniors or currently enrolled in a Degree-seeking program Link
Beldon Scholarship Program Annually by 9/1 $1,000 Any Degree-seeking students, minimum 3.5 GPA Link
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Varies up to $5,000 Any Student Studying or Interning Abroad Link
Big Sun


$500 Any Must be an athlete Link
Caitlin Wallace Memorial Scholarship 12/15/19 $1,500 Any Essay Link
Cappex Search Engine varies varies Any   Link
Career Fitter Scholarship 06/15/19 $1,000 Any GPA Avg. 2.4 or above, full time UG or GR. Link
Chairish Scholarship Program Yearly January 1st & June 30th $2,500 Any underrepresented in higher education, first-generation college students, women pursuing a degree in a STEM or typically male-dominated industries, students with disabilities, and or similar situations. min 2.0 GPA, HS Seniors, Undergrad or Grad seeking degree, Link
CHCI Scholar-Intern Programs varies $1,500 - $5,000 Depends on Scholarship   Link
Citizens Bank Scholarship - Undergrad 08/01/19 $2,500 Any Undergraduate Link
Citizens Bank Scholarship - Graduate 08/01/19 $5,000 Any Graduate Link
Clutch Prep Scholarship - MVP 04/30/19 $500.00 Any Full-Time (12+) credits, essay Link
Clutch Prep Scholarship - STEM 04/30/19 $500.00 STEM Must be pursuing STEM degree. Link
Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Network annual scholarship program Annually apply between 1/1 - 4/30 $5,000 Any 3.0 GPA, 2 references Link
ComputerScience.org varies varies Any   Link
Coolidge Scholarship for America, The Annually in January Full Tuition/ Fees/ Room & Board Any HS Juniors - FT accredited US college/university Link
DealHack Community Volunteer Scholarship 06/30/19 $1,500 Any Have community and volunteer involvement Link
Discover Student Loans Scholarship Search varies varies Any   Link
Distracting Driver Awareness Scholarship 12/01/19 $500 Any HS Seniors, or current Undergraduate students Link
Educational Accounts Receivable Management Assocation (EARMA) 2/15/19 $500 Any Currently enrolled, minimum 2.5 GPA Link
Elizabeth Auger Annual Scholarship Annual 7/31 $1000 Any Have Type I or Type II Diabetes, 2.8 GPA Link
Emergency Dentists USA 4th Annual Scholarship 07/01/19 $5000 Any Essay & Video Essay Link
Fastweb Scholarship Engine varies varies Any   Link
Goedeker's Book 07/07/19

(1) $500  (2) $100 toward books

Any   Link
Good Call Scholarship Engine varies varies Any   Link
Gorilla 76 Women in Marketing Scholarship 07/01/19 $1,500 Any Essay Link
Green Pal Annual Scholarship Annual 10/15 $2,000 Business, Economics, or Finance 3.5 or higher GPA, Essay Link
Harrisburg AAUW Scholarship Varies Varies Any Varies on Scholarship Applying for Link
Health Line Scholarship 05/01/19 $5,000 Any GPA 3.0, be in a UG or GR degree, Demonstrated involvement in the advancement of the mental health profession, either through research, patient advocacy, raising awareness, or community building Link
HelpTeaching.com Scholarship

Annually by 6/1

$1,000 Any Must be current High School or College Students located in the United States Link
Horatio Alger Association Open Annually 8/1 - 10/25 Varies Varies HS Seniors pursuing a bachelors degree at a non- profit public or private US school. Maintain 2.0 min GPA, US citizen Link
Innovative Architects Scholarship Annually by 1/31 $1,000 Any Essay Link
Jan Egerton & Don Smitley Mesothelioma Scholarship 07/20/19 $500 - $2,500 Any Essay Link
Karman Healthcare Mobility Disability Scholarship 9/1/19 $500 Any Degree-seeking student, minimum of 2.0 GPA Link
LA Tutors 123 Monthly by 20th $500 Any 3.0 GPA, designed an innovative project that makes a difference in the lives of others Link
Live Your Dream Awards Annually by 11/15. (Opens on 7/1)  varies Any Women with financial need Link
Mercer Metti Scholarship 12/15/19 $2,000 Any 3.5 GPA, Proof of enrollment in degree Link
OppU 9/30, 12/31, 3/31, 6/30 $2,500 Any U.S. Citizen and have a GPA of at least 3.0/4.0 Link
Our Military Scholarship 05/15/19 $1,000 Any 2.7 GPA or better, Active Duty / Dependent / Spouse/ Veteran Link
Pennslyvania Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (PASFAA) Annually by 5/15 $1,000 Any Minimum GPA of 3.0 Link
Philadelphia Foundation varies varies Any Residents of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia Counties Link
PNC Education Loan Center Achiever Scholarship Sweepstakes 6/1 & 12/1 $2,000 Any Create a Financial Literacy Account; US Citizen Link
PNC Education Loan Center Achiever Scholarship Annually by 6/1 $2,000 Any Full-Time Undergraduate Link
Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship 06/30/19 $1,000 Health-related degree Must be pursuing a health-related degree, US resident Link
ResumeGo Scholarship Semi-Annual: 7/1 & 12/1 $3,000 Any Degree-seeking student, minimum 3.3 GPA Link
Schmidt Kramer Academic Excellence Scholarship Annually 12/1 $1,500 Any UG or GR students with min GPA 3.0 Link
Senior Advice Caregiver Scholarship 07/15 & 08/01 $2,000 Any Be involved with caregiving for a family member or friend. Link
Slick Deals Scholarship Annually 12/15 $2,500 Any Essay Link
Student Loan Hero 10/06/19 $2,000 - $5,000 Any Currently enrolled in degree-seeking program  Link
Student Scholarships varies varies Any   Link
Study Abroad Scholarships varies varies Any   Link
The Dr. Summit Shah MD Scholarship June Annual $1,000 Any HS Senior / College Student, essay Link
The Skin Care Ox: Beauty & Wellness Scholarships for Women Quarterly: 1/1, 3/31, 6/30, 9/30 Current College Student: $1,000. Current HS Student: $500 Any Women in any major, GPA not required but may be considered. Link
The Tree Center Quarterly: (Q1: 3/20, Q2 6/20, Q3 9/20, Q4 12/20) $500 Any Minimum GPA 3.0 Link
Unigo (Scholarship Experts) varies varies Any   Link
United Negro College Fund varies varies Any   Link
Varsity Tutors College Scholarship 15th of each month $1,000 Any   Link
Wheelhouse Scholarship 03/31/19 $1,000 Any Essay Link
Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund Scholarship 04/08/19 up to $5,000 Any GPA of 2.5 above, significant need, family income 5k or less, must be in Greater Philadelphia Area Link
Worthy Woman's Professional Scholarship Annually 12/02 $5,000 Continuing Education Professional Studies Must identify as female and 30 years old or older/ essay Link