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During busy times in the semester, available open appointment times are limited. If you are not able to find an appointment time that fits with your schedule, please email and let us know. Leave your name, student ID #, and the best number to contact you. A counselor will get back to you to discuss the situation and try to find a solution. 


COVID-19 Counseling Services

ATTENTION: Counseling services are free, confidential, and available to currently enrolled students.

Delivery of counseling services has been altered due to the ongoing safety/health concerns related to COVID-19. We currently offer phone and video-based sessions. If you are interested in scheduling a teletherapy consultation, use the link above.

If you are currently away from the local campus area, we suggest that you consider finding a local resources for treatment. Due to legal regulations regarding practicing psychology in different states, students located out of the state of Pennsylvania will be assisted in finding services in their state. You can also find local treatment resources on your own here. In the event of a psychological emergency, please dial 911 immediately for help.

Mental health is key to your overall well-being. It is helpful to check up on your mental health periodically. Taking a screening will help you determine if you or someone you care about should connect with a mental health professional. Screenings are free, anonymous, and confidential! Take a checkup from your neck up here.

For more information about COVID-19 and the University’s response and protocols, please visit


Local Community Resources and Information to assist you with your mental health during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Pennsylvania COVID Mental Health Statewide Support & Referral Helpline: 1-855-284-2494, For TTY, dial 724-631-5600.

Staffed by skilled and compassionate staff that are available 24/7 to respond to those struggling with anxiety and other challenging emotions due to the COVID-19 emergency. Staff at the Helpline refer callers to community-based resources that can further help to meet individual needs. More information found at:


Local and Pennsylvania Specific Mental Health Resources:


Mental Health America, NAMI, SAMSHA provide great guides, tips, and resources that can be useful to you and your loved ones during the pandemic:


Counseling Services Mission: We are here to help.

College can be a demanding and stressful experience. Balancing academics, athletics, work, family, and a social life is challenging and often requires the development of new ways of relating, thinking, and behaving. Sometimes adjusting to these changes, requires additional support. Therapy can assist you in learning and applying skills as well as by coaching you to use these skills effectively in everyday life. Professional Counselors are available at Counseling Services to help you with your concerns and/or refer you to someone who can provide you with additional assistance.

Counseling Services at Holy Family University provides free and confidential services to currently enrolled, full-time students as well as part-time students at the discretion of the center’s director. We provide services that are central to the overall mission of the university. These services are short-term and aimed at helping students be successful academically and develop to their fullest potential as people. Services focus on developing and educating students about mental health and wellness including teaching skills that help them self-reflect, problem solve, cope with difficult emotions, and establish healthy relationships and interactions with others.

We strive to offer these services in an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable for all students, regardless of race, sex, gender identity, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or ability.