Program Information (FAQ)

What is a low-residency program?

A low-residency MFA is based on one-on-one mentoring relationships between students and faculty. The program requires limited time on campus (two residency periods each year in January and in June). This allows students to work with faculty online and interact with their instructors and with each other from anywhere in the world. This accessibility provides a unique learning environment. However, academic rigor, a focus on an individual’s growth as a writer, as well as an emphasis on completing publishable works by the conclusion of the program are still the central focus of our program. The same as they would be in a more “traditional” MFA.

Why a low-residency program?

A low-residency program allows a great deal of flexibility in the ways one can approach their education. The low-residency MFA also allows students to create lasting mentoring relationships with award-winning faculty who, because of the individualized nature of the low-residency format, are engaging directly with your work. The low-residency format also provides unique opportunities for community through our residencies, as well as online.

What kinds of creative writing does the program offer?

Students can select from poetry, fiction, nonfiction, young adult, travel/food writing, and literary genre writing (fantasy and sci-fi, mystery, etc.). 

What kind of technology is needed to complete the program?

A reliable computer with an internet connection and Microsoft Word is required.

Why HFU? Why Philadelphia?

Holy Family University’s MFA is uniquely positioned in one of the most vibrant creative communities on the east coast. The main campus of Holy Family is a short train ride from center city Philadelphia, which provides a unique community of writers outside of the university setting. Students are encouraged to get involved with this community during their residency periods, and, because of HFU’s unique emphasis on professionalization within our curriculum, students are encouraged to incorporate the writing/professional opportunities that Philadelphia provides into their individualized course of study. 

How can I receive financial aid?

Federal, private and state loans are available to any Holy Family University MFA student; please visit the Office of Financial Aid for more information. 

How do I apply?

Please visit our Graduate Application page for more information on how to apply.