Room and Board Rates

Room & Board Rates

2021-22 Room and Board Rates

Effective July 1, 2021

Due to COVID-19, housing options may change at any point and all students will be notified if that occurs. Housing assignments may be affected by any changes.

Stevenson Lane Residence Hall - per semester

Occupancy Price
Double Occupancy $3,990
Single Occupancy $4,935

Garden Residence Hall - per semester

Occupancy Price
Per semester - double $4,350
Per semester - single $4,795

St. Joseph Hall - per semester

Occupancy Price
Single Occupancy with bathroom $4,895
Single Occupancy no bathroom $4,750
Double Occupancy $3,950


Board Fees

Meal Plan Price
19-Meal Plan, includes $150 flex dollars $3,650
14-Meal Plan, includes $100 flex dollars $2,700
10-Meal Plan, includes $75 flex dollars $2,100
7-Meal Plan, includes $50 flex dollars $1,375
100 Swipe with $100 flex dollars $1,600
75 Block Meal Plan (75 meals per semester) $1,200
50 Swipe $800

Meal plans are required for students living in either Stevenson Lane Residence or St. Joseph Hall. Garden residents are not required to purchase a meal plan.