Room and Board Rates

Room & Board Rates

2022-23 Room and Board Rates

Effective July 1, 2023

Due to COVID-19, housing options may change at any point and all students will be notified if that occurs. Housing assignments may be affected by any changes.

Stevenson Lane Residence Hall - per semester

Occupancy Price
Double Occupancy $3,990
Single Occupancy $4,935

Garden Residence Hall - per semester

Occupancy Price
Per semester - double $4,350
Per semester - single $4,795

St. Joseph Hall - per semester

Occupancy Price
Single Occupancy with bathroom $4,895
Single Occupancy no bathroom $4,750
Double Occupancy $3,950


Board Fees

Meal Plan Price
19-Meal Plan, includes $150 flex dollars $3,650
14-Meal Plan, includes $100 flex dollars $2,700
10-Meal Plan, includes $75 flex dollars $2,100
7-Meal Plan, includes $50 flex dollars $1,375
100 Swipe with $100 flex dollars $1,600
75 Block Meal Plan (75 meals per semester) $1,200
50 Swipe
This plan is only available to Garden Apartment residents and commuter students

Meal plans are required for students living in either Stevenson Lane Residence or St. Joseph Hall. Garden residents are not required to purchase a meal plan.