Academic Support Services - FAQs

Students can change their major one of two ways:

  1. Email to set up a meeting with a Professional Academic Advisor
  2. You can also fill out the change of major form online. Once completed, the change will be put in the system within 1 business day and an advisor will email you confirming that it is now active.

For any bill or payment questions please visit the Office of Student Accounts. They are located in Holy Family Hall room 202 or via phone at 267-341-3202.

For any FASFA or scholarship information please visit the Financial Aid office. They are located in Holy Family Hall room 203. You can also give them a call at 267-341-3233.

For assistance with changing passwords please contact Information Technology at 267-341-3402.

The Academic Advising Office will be the advisors for all incoming Freshman students for their first two years at Holy Family University. After the Spring term of the sophomore year, students will be assigned a new adviser in their school. All advisors should be listed on Student Planning. If you are still confused as to who your adviser is please call our main line at 267-341-3221. We will help you with figuring out who your advisor is.

If you cannot get a hold of your Professional Academic Advisor you can contact or stop by Holy Family Hall room 215. If you cannot get a hold of your Faculty Advisor you can contact the Dean or Associate Dean of your school for assistance.

You can cancel your appointment through the email confirmation you received when making your appointment. You can also give us a call and notify us and we can cancel it for you. You can contact us at 267-341-3221 or

Our VA representative is Jean Dixon. She is located in the Office of the Registrar in Holy Family Hall room 216. You can also reach her at

You can declare a minor using our form on our advising main site. Please select the link to fill out the form:

Once completed, the minor will be added to your record within 1 business day and an advisor will email you confirming that it is now active.

In order to cancel your minor, you will need to fill out the Cancelation of a Minor form on our website.

Once submitted, minor will be canceled within 1 business day and an adviser will email you notifying you that your minor is now canceled.

In order to transfer out of the university you must first work with the school you are going to transfer to. Make sure you have applied to your desired school and have been accepted before moving forward with leaving the university. After this, you can fill out a withdrawal form at the Registrars Office. The Office of the Registrar is located in Holy Family Hall room 205.

Transcripts are requested through the Registrars Office website.

You can send updated transcripts to the Undergraduate Admissions Office, 9801 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114.

You can find out what textbooks you need through the university bookstore website. Click on the link:

On the top right under “textbooks” click “Find Textbooks”. Here you will be able to put in your class schedule to find your textbooks. For more assistance please contact the University’s bookstore at 267-341-3588.

On the Information Technology website you will find a Link to New Student Guide to Technology:

For further assistance contact Information Technology at 267-341-3402.