CTL Seating Area

Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching & Learning is a campus-wide and campus-welcoming hub of learning in support of students and faculty.

The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) has been made possible through a $2 million Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. As a friendly campus hub, located on the second floor of the Library, the CTL partners with faculty and staff from across the campus to enhance student support with the goal of increasing student success in all its myriad forms.

The CTL works collaboratively with other offices to provide mission-centered student services, combining tutoring with student success counseling and career coaching. The Center will also augment co-mentoring opportunities for faculty and staff to explore emerging educational technologies and modalities, further scholarly research in collaboration with peers, and examine cutting-edge pedagogies. The CTL is designed to be a campus-wide and campus-welcoming learning commons for Holy Family University’s many interwoven communities.
Student resources include a broad range of services—from tutoring and academic counseling to career coaching.

Resources for faculty include emerging educational technologies and modalities, scholarly research collaborations, and cutting-edge pedagogies.


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