Marketing Resources

Below you will find resources for use by the Holy Family University community that will help you to promote your affiliation with the University using branded materials. Use of these materials helps to promote the University, show pride in the institution, and enhance the value of the University brand.

University Logo

To request a co-branded logo -  HFU LOGO | NAME OF DEPARTMENT - please complete a Project Request.

PowerPoint Template

Zoom and WebEx Virtual Backgrounds

Name Tags

Please submit all name badge printing requests no later than 4 business days prior to the event.

*To request name badges to be created for your event, please download the excel template, fill in the attendee information, and send as an attachment to with the subject Name Badge Printing Request.

Editorial Style Guide

The Marketing & Communications Department is charged with setting editorial style and keeping University publications consistent. The Editorial Style Guide helps all departments and offices present a unified, logical picture to the public through the materials they produce. The University's style guidelines are to be followed as much as possible in the interest of a unified University image.

Questions regarding the use of University style guidelines may be directed to Marketing & Communications.

Design Style Guide

The University is represented by an institutional logo and a graphic identity system. The graphic identity system was designed and developed to project an image of excellence and cohesiveness that is important in attracting high-quality students and faculty. It helps to ensure that all areas of the University are corporately identified through the use of an overarching logo, commonly called the University mark.

Other official symbols also exist in relation to the University's graphic identity system. These symbols - most notably the Intercollegiate Athletics symbol and University seal - are relegated to very specific uses and functions, and are not interchangeable with the University mark.

Individual unit logos that are not part of the graphic identity system generally are not permissible. Exceptions and special needs for individual unit identities are handled through the Marketing & Communications Department.

The Marketing & Communications Department is responsible for overseeing the University's graphic identity system, maintaining visual standards, and approving the use of any representative mark or symbol. This applies to all forms of communication in print, web, and video. Units within the University are permitted to use the Holy Family University name and its marks and symbols, according to established guidelines, for purposes of recruitment, development, or general promotion of the institution; Marketing reserves the right to approve all use.

Questions regarding the use of the University logo may be directed to