Refunds and E-refunds

Withdrawal and Return of Funds Policy

Institutional policy requires that students who wish to withdraw from courses and/or campus housing are required to notify the University in writing. The date the written withdrawal notice is received by the Registrar's Office, and the date the written withdrawal from housing is received by the Director of Residence Life, will be the basis for determining the respective refund amounts.

Housing must be vacated permanently by the withdrawal date. Verbal, telephone, or e-mail withdrawals do not qualify as official withdrawal notices. Withdrawal from housing, but not the institution, may impact students' financial aid. Students should check with the Financial Aid Office to see how their aid may be impacted. 

Please see the university catalog for the most updated and full "Withdrawal and Return of Funds Policy."


Students who withdraw from some or all of their courses are eligible for tuition adjustments based on the following schedule: Withdrawal and Return of Funds Policy.

Fees are not refundable, including general fee, with the exception of the laboratory/course fee which is totally refunded if the student withdraws prior to the first scheduled class.

Room & Meal Plan

There is a $25 fee each for canceling or changing the meal plan after the start of the semester. Room charges are not adjusted. Meal plans will be adjusted based on the following schedule.

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