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American Studies, Minor

The minor in American Studies allows students to explore the social, historical, material, and aesthetic aspects of American culture from an interdisciplinary perspective integrating the humanities and the social sciences.

What Can I Do with this Minor?

In these classes, students will engage with a range of perspectives on American culture while making connections across diverse fields of study; they will also gain skills of analysis, research, and writing that will benefit them as they move into a wide variety of careers or as they earn graduate and professional degrees.

American Studies, as an interdisciplinary program in the humanities and social sciences, teaches skills such as critical thinking, research, and writing that are applicable to a wide variety of fields. Here are a few examples of fields that this minor can help prepare you for:

  • Banking
  • Business management
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Government
  • Grant writing
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Law
  • Museum professional
  • Nonprofit management
  • Real estate
  • Social services


Program Details

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Program Information

Degree Awarded
  • Minor
Program Type
  • Minor
Program Location
  • Main Campus - Northeast Philadelphia
Required Credit Hours

Program Overview

The American Studies minor allows students to choose among courses in American government, history, literature, philosophy, religion, and sociology to create a unique, cross-disciplinary minor that reflects their interests. Students electing the American Studies minor will designate a focus area by topic, by time period, or by discipline, and will choose courses to address this area in consultation with an advisor. The minor is particularly useful for business, communications, and humanities majors.

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