Certification Information

Instructional Certifications and Endorsements

Once you complete your initial certification program you can apply for certification by:

  1. Taking and passing the necessary testing for certification.
  2. Note that once you have graduate the score needed to pass each test is dependent on your graduating GPA. Passing scores are available here: Passing Scores.
  3. After your final grades are posted and you have earned passing scores on all required tests then apply for certification through the TIMS system. Information for this system is here. We highly recommend that you read the TIMS FAQ page and watch this short video.
  4. Note that it takes approximately 6 weeks for application processing. If you need a letter verifying that you have completed all certification requirements earlier then you can email a request to our Certification Officer, Ms. Deb McCusker, at dmccusker@holyfamily.edu.
  5. If you are applying for certification outside Pennsylvania, contact that state’s Department of Education for requirements.
    • In a Master’s program? Note that as long as you have the required certificate or endorsement classes completed you do NOT need to wait to complete your Masters to apply.
    • Questions? Contact our Certification Officer, Ms. Deb McCusker, at dmccusker@holyfamily.edu.

ACT 45 and ACT48

  • PDE’s information on ACT 45 and ACT 48 can be found here.
  • You can request for HFU to report the successful completion of your courses by completing this form.

Level II Certification

Information on applying for Level II certification can be found on the PDE website here. Note that only your school district can certify your eligibility for Level II certification.

Note that the 24 required credit hours must be taken AFTER the completion of the degree in which Level I certification was earned.