Counseling Center - Alcohol and Drugs

It is Holy Family University's goal to support the healthy choices of its students related to alcohol/drug use.

The Counseling Center, in collaboration with Residence Life, offers education regarding Alcohol and Other Drugs to students, staff, and faculty. Students receive education on alcohol/drug use during Freshman orientation to Holy Family University. Students who are experiencing issues related to alcohol/drug use are encouraged to visit the Counseling Center. Substance abuse assessments are available to university students. Confidentiality is strictly enforced. Referrals to outside agencies are also available.

Students found in violation of Holy Family University's alcohol policy (found in the Student Handbook) are mandated to attend education in order to continue in their academic and/or athletic programs, and in some cases, to maintain their resident student status.

The University encourages students and other members of the University community to assist when help is needed. This is most important in medical emergencies due to alcohol and /or drug use. Students are expected to report medical emergencies due to alcohol or drug use. Students should not hesitate to seek help because of fear of disciplinary action. An individual who actively seeks help for an intoxicated or under the influence student will not, in most circumstance, be charged under the University, Judicial Process for seeking help, as determined with in the discretion of the University. A help seeker is defined as a person or persons, who actively seek help in an incident for fear or concern of someone's safety and or welfare.

Please see our Self Help Resource page for additional resources.