HFU Student Clubs

The possibilities are endless.

At Holy Family, our Student Clubs help students harness their interests--and add valuable experience to their resumes. Browse the clubs below and complete our quick form to let us know you are interested. A club representative will be in touch with details and next steps about getting involved.


Albertans Science Club

The Albertans, Holy Family University’s science club, fosters interest in the various fields of science with exhibits, films, and tours. Although most members have a concentration in science, it is not required for membership. 

For more information, email Albertans@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Aspiring Educators

The Aspiring Educators Club is devoted to education in all its levels (early childhood, elementary, middle, secondary and special education) and shall assist one another as members and new educators in order to grow professionally, personally and socially.

For more information, email AspiringEducators@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Black Student Union

Black Student Union offers a safe space at Holy Family for Black/African American students while also spreading awareness and unifying members of the community. One main goal for BSU is to celebrate and expose the campus to the value of Black/African American culture through events and experiences. BSU's core values are Family, Empowerment, Attitude, Social responsibility, and Trust, F.E.A.S.T! 

For more information, email bsu@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form

Business Society

The Business Society is open to all students at Holy Family University.

Students are exposed to a host of personal development opportunities during the academic year, including tours of local companies in the Philadelphia area, hosting seminars and forums with local business leaders, and participating in community service projects.

For more information, email BusinessSociety@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Cheerleading Team

The Holy Family University cheerleading squad supports and cheers for our athletic teams, providing excitement and enthusiasm for the fans.

For more information, email CheerTeam@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Dance Team

Holy Family University Dance Team is dedicated to training dancers, learning choreography, and providing performance opportunities. This team is meant for students who have an interest in learning different dance styles while supporting our athletic teams, providing excitement/enthusiasm for the fans, and showing school spirit.

For more information, email DanceTeam@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form



Folio is a group of students who design and publish a literary magazine, which serves as a means of expression for creative writing and other artistic endeavors.

Folio hosts open submissions for the University community to submit their personal work for publication consideration.

For more information, email Folio@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter

A service-oriented organization that supports the efforts of Habitat for Humanity through the Holy Family University Habitat Chapter.

During spring break, students travel to a predetermined job site to work for a week with Habitat for Humanity through Holy Family’s Alternative Spring Break trip. 

For more information, email HabitatForHumanity@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Paintball Club

The Paintball Club is open to anyone who is interested in playing in pick-up paintball games in the local area. The Paintball Club has the opportunity to compete locally, dependent on student interest.

For more information, email PaintballClub@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Pre-Healthcare Association

The Pre-Healthcare Association is open to all students who have an interest in applying to medical school. The club will provide support and guidance to all aspiring physicians at Holy Family University. Active members will engage in active preparation for the Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT) and be given tools to actively seek out community service, clinical volunteering, and research positions to make them more competitive applicants.

In addition, advice will be provided to help members plan their course schedules, co-curriculars, and other involvements in order to ensure students will be ready to apply when the time comes.

Members will also learn about the various medical specialties, application techniques, the interview process, and test preparation.

For more information, email HFUPreHealthCare@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

PRSSA is an academic and interest student organization for students who have formal and informal interests in the Public Relations field.

For more information, email PRSSA@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Rugby Football Club

Rugby is one of HFU’s Club Sports teams that competes against local universities and is a member of the Mid Atlantic Rugby Conference (MARC). The Rugby Team is for anyone interested in learning and playing this fun and exciting sport.

For more information, email RugbyClub@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Social and Behavioral Sciences Association (SBS)

The purpose of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Association Is to further an interest in various fields of human services by means of lectures, films, and community-service field trips. Membership is open to all students.

For more information, email SBSClub@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Spectrum, An LGBTQIA+ Student Alliance

Spectrum provides an inclusive and supportive environment for members of the extended Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual (LGBTQIA+) community.

Spectrum has three core mission areas: Social, Awareness/Education, and Advocacy. Spectrum strives to provide engaging and educational programming, outreach to community and University organizations to establish bonds and partnerships, and be a welcoming, friendly, and supportive community and an upstanding, positive, and enriching component of the broader culture of the Holy Family community.

Allies of the extended LGBTQIA+ community are welcome at Spectrum sponsored events and programs.

For more information, email Spectrum@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA fosters unity, empowers student engagement, and advocates change by students for students. SGA supports the mission of Holy Family University by assisting in the creation and sustainability of a diverse and engaged campus; provides an open forum for students to voice concerns and actively pursue resolutions; and serves as the undergraduate student liaisons to University administration, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees.

For more information, email SGA@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form

Student Visual Arts Association (SVAA)

SVAA aims to bring together students interested in the visual arts. Activities are group generated and include community service in the visual arts, open discussions of timely visual arts issues, and group trips to art exhibits. It is an organization that supports service to others, is dedicated to the exploration of diverse points of views and provides the opportunity for students to grow intellectually.

For more information, email svaa@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form



Tri-Lite has been the official student newspaper of Holy Family University since 1954. Tri-Lite provides student journalists opportunities to hone their craft and prepare for a career in the evolving media landscape. Tri-Lite moved from a print publication to a digital presence in October 2017. 

For more information, email Tri-Lite@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Video Game Club

The Video Game Club is a group for students to engage in community around a shared interest. Single and multiplayer games are available during club meetings, and students are encouraged to bring their own gaming systems, consoles, and games. Xbox, Xbox Kinect, Wii, and PS4 systems can be provided upon request.

For more information, email VGC@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form


Student Nurses Association of Holy Family (SNAHF)

SNAHF is a state-level, pre-professional organization that represents the interests of nursing students. It is a constituent of the National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc., the largest independent student organization in the country.

For more information, email SNAHF@holyfamily.edu or simply fill out the Join A Club form