Why Holy Family University?

We help bring your passions to life.

If you are looking for a promising career path, but also want to be part of something bigger, Holy Family University is the place for you. With our close-knit community that starts with the belief that each student is an important member of our family, we'll help you to realize your dreams by preparing you for a great career - and preparing you for life.

Our values-based education starts with one of the most affordable rates of tuition of any private university in Pennsylvania - to a low student-faculty ratio, and our emphasis on a holistic journey of knowledge and growth for each and every student.

Your education, and your entire college experience will be filled with unique and meaningful experiences, whether you are living in our residence halls or commuting each day. Student activities, clubs, and sporting events will keep your calendar full. And our emphasis on experiential learning through internships with Fortune 500 companies, and service projects in our community and beyond will provide you with critical knowledge and opportunities to transform your perspective on the world around you. 

With nearly 40 majors and hundreds of courses to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’ve dreamed of becoming a teacher, scientist, doctor, entrepreneur, nurse, artist, or attorney—you’ll be ready to step into a career with a future. In fact, unlike other institutions, your career path begins on day one with our first-year experience, which provides an important opporunity for you to identify and build upon your strengths. 

Discover a world in which renowned faculty guide you on a pathway toward a meaningful career and a life filled with purpose. Discover the value of family - only at Holy Family University.