Alumni Association and Board of Directors

Alumni Association Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Alumni Association is to foster loyalty, lifelong relationships, commitment, and community among all alumni, future alumni, and friends to advance the interests of its members and the University. The mission should be carried out in a manner consistent with the core values of Holy Family University: family, respect, integrity, service and responsibility, learning, and vision.

All graduates of Holy Family University (or Holy Family College) are considered members of the Alumni Association. Anyone who has been awarded an honorary degree at Commencement, all members of the Board of Trustees, current and former faculty and staff of Holy Family University shall be honorary members of the Alumni Association or other individuals voted by the Alumni Board. Honorary members shall be afforded all benefits and privileges of Active Alumni membership except to vote or to hold office in the Alumni Association.

Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Alumni Association is governed by the Alumni Association Board of Directors, which consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 16 additional Directors. The Board meets a minimum of 6 times per year and hosts a number of annual events and reunion opportunities. The Board raises funds for the Alumni Association Scholarship and other projects that support the interests of the University community and its alumni.


The Board of Directors should attend and actively participate in all scheduled meetings, at least two (2) alumni events and at least one (1) Office of Admissions event per academic year, and each Director should actively serve on at least one standing committee.

Board members are also expected to actively recruit new alumni volunteers through personal interaction, including attendance at alumni events, and outreach to Board candidates and prospective members.

Each Board member is expected to make a personal contribution to the University during each academic fiscal year, which runs July 1 through June 30.

Eligibility for Board of Directors

Active alumni may pursue candidacy for a seat on the Board of Directors or may be recruited by the Alumni Association based upon the recommendation of a member of the Association, University faculty, or administration. To be considered for nomination, re-nomination, appointment, or retention as a member of the Board, one must currently be a financial contributor to the University.

Efforts will be made to recruit a diverse group of alumni who represent a variety of graduating classes, degrees, fields of concentration, and geographic locations when considering prospective members for the Board.

Application Process

Candidates interested in joining the Alumni Board of Directors should submit a copy of their resume and a letter of intent, stating how his or her presence on the Board will benefit the Association and what he or she hopes to contribute. This can be mailed or emailed to the Alumni Office or by using the submission portal on the Holy Family Website.

The Alumni Office will distribute all application materials, including each candidate’s eligibility to serve on the Board, for review prior to the next meeting. All candidates will be expected to attend the next meeting to formally introduce themselves and to answer any questions related to their application.

The Board will discuss and vote on the new candidates thereafter. The Alumni Office will advise each candidate of the Board’s decision and next steps. All approved candidates are expected to actively fulfill all duties of being a Director as soon as his or her term begins.

Alumni Association Volunteer Opportunities

The Alumni Office and Alumni Association are always looking for volunteers and class representatives! Alumni interested in volunteering should contact the Alumni Office at 267-341-5017 or