Alumni Association Information

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Alumni Association is to foster loyalty, lifelong relationships, commitment, and community among all alumni, future alumni, and friends to advance the interests of its members and the University. The mission should be carried out in a manner consistent with the core values of Holy Family University: family, respect, integrity, service and responsibility, learning, and vision.

All graduates of Holy Family University are considered members of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is governed by the Alumni Association Board of Advisors, which consists of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to 20 additional Advisors. The board meets a minimum of four times per year. It raises funds for the Alumni Association Scholarship and other projects that support the interests of the University community and its alumni.

Alumni Board Membership Opportunities

All alumni are eligible to pursue candidacy for a seat on the alumni board as an Advisor. Alumni also may be recruited by the Alumni Association based on the recommendation of a member of the Association, and/or by University faculty, administration, or staff. Efforts are made to include a variety of graduating classes, fields of concentration, and geographic locations when considering prospective members for the board. Alumni interested in being considered for board candidacy should contact the Office of Alumni and Parents at 267-341-5017 or

Alumni Association Benefits

Holy Family University offers graduates a number of resources: access to the University Library, including the ability to check out books; discounts on rental of Campus facilities for personal use; discounted annual membership to the University Fitness Center; and Career Center services.