Collections in the University Archives

University Records

University records are arranged by record group; that is, the office/department or organization that creates or maintains particular records. Some of these include the President, Finance and Administration, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Athletics, Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, to name only a few of the numerous record groups across the university.

Collection on Faculty

The collection on faculty features various individual faculty throughout the history of the university. It includes records in a variety of genre and forms, the bulk of which documents the scholarship of many of Holy Family’s previous and current faculty. Among the records are both published and unpublished dissertations, monographs, works of poetry and fiction, chapters in publications, peer-reviewed journal articles, reviews, conference and other scholarly papers, encyclopedia articles, radio interviews, art work, etc. Some faculty have donated personal lectures, correspondence, and other university-related records.

The collection consists mainly of material contributed by faculty and random other individuals, as well as material that arrives in the University Archives through departmental transfers. Items are accessioned and added to the collection as they are received. The Archives staff are in the process of preparing online bibliographies for the collection. Also, through the assistance of our library staff, faculty publications are cataloged in The Family Cat.

There are no restrictions on faculty publications, though there may be restrictions on other donated records within individual collections.

  • Andrelczyk, Sister Bernice, CSFN
  • Anthony, Phyllis J.
  • Applegate, Anthony J.
  • Berlin, Jeffrey B.
  • Binkowski, Sister Marcella, CSFN
  • Blazic, Eileen
  • Budny, Sister Lillian, CSFN
  • Burak, Joseph M.
  • Carr, Sister Placide, CSFN
  • Cegielka, Reverend Francis A.
  • Collins, Reverend James J.
  • Colton, George M.
  • Cresswell, Sister Angela, CSFN
  • Dawid, Sister Doloretta, CSFN
  • Della Pietra, Lynn
  • DiPrimio, Anthony
  • Dobbs, Kathryn
  • Drąg, Sister Lucidia, CSFN
  • Federowicz, Sister Rose Ann, CSFN
  • Frey, Peter W.
  • Gallagher, Phyllis Wolf
  • Gnanadesikan, Amalia
  • Grugan, Arthur A.
  • Harbison, John L.
  • Hermann, Mary L.
  • Hindman, Jane F.
  • Hoffner, Helen
  • Huszcza, Sister Mary Celeste, CSFN
  • Jenner, Cathleen A.
  • Jiang, Cao
  • Knappenberger, Jonathan C.
  • Koch, Claude
  • Kohut, Sylvester Jr.
  • Kozubal, Sister Xavier, CSFN
  • Kuzawa, Sister Grace, CSFN
  • Lombardi, Thomas F.
  • Lontz, John F.
  • Mauldin, Stanley K.
  • McCafferty, Reverend Joseph F.
  • McCormick, Thomas J., Jr.
  • McDonald, Joseph A.
  • McGovern, Eileen M.
  • McGovern, Robert F. (10 pen and ink illustrations)
  • Medvec, Stephen E.
  • Menzenska, Sister Mary Jane, CSFN
  • Mihalich, Joseph C.
  • Neibauer, Alan R.
  • O’Brien, Sister Brendan, CSFN
  • Onley, Sister Francesca, CSFN
  • Orlando, Lynn
  • Paris, Catherine C.
  • Patka, Frederick
  • Pelham, Frances
  • Pisula, Dorothy H.
  • Prairie, Celia E. Freda
  • Pruna, Dora Collado de
  • Quinn, Kathleen B.
  • Rutkowska, Sister Neomisia, CSFN
  • Settanni, Harry
  • Stoutzenberger, Joseph
  • Taylor, Carol R.
  • Tumasz, Sister Florence, CSFN
  • Veitz, Sister Frances, CSFN
  • Von Rosenthiel, Marion
  • Wallowicz, Sister Marcella Louise

Photograph Collections

Holy Family’s photograph collections provide visual documentation of the University and surrounding locale pre 1954 to the present. Though created for university purposes, the photographs are often artistic in their composition and provide unique views of Holy Family from many perspectives. Photographs are found in a wide variety of University Archives collections. In addition to photographs, the University Archives includes contact sheets, slides, negatives, lantern slides, and similar other media in this collection.

Like text records, photographs are arranged in record groups, series, and subseries. Some examples include academic life; student life; buildings Familogue; athletics; administration, faculty, staff; commencements; campus scenes.

Gradually, inventories of each photograph series are being completed and made available to researchers. Selections of photographs will be digitized and some will be published on the Internet in online exhibits.

In general, there are no restrictions on access to photographs. In particular, there are restrictions on photographs that are in fragile condition. Also, there are special guidelines for using and reproducing the various photograph series.

  • Founder’s Collection c. 1954-1958
  • Buildings c. 1954-1960
  • Theatrical Productions 1950s
  • Student Life 1950s
  • Administration-Faculty-Staff 1950s to about 1995

Collection on Building Plans

The collection on building plans consists of architectural and engineering drawings, and an assortment of other materials relative to all buildings and the general campus in Northeast Philadelphia as well as the various University sites in Bucks County. Some of these date from the first half of the twentieth century; the bulk date from 1953 to the present. This collection represents a vast compilation of hundreds of materials in many genre and media. These include, but are not limited to, plot plans, blue prints, blue or black line prints, tracings, sketches, demolition plans, surveys, photocopies, aerial photographs, maps, manuals, and presentation boards.

Materials pertaining to the general Northeast Philadelphia campus form one large series. This series includes materials for projects crossing all or many of the buildings on the Northeast Philadelphia campus, rather than a specific building. Some of these are campus master plans, parking lot plans, telecommunications plans, and landscaping plans.

The other series are based on specific buildings. These include original construction and renovation plans for all buildings that form the Northeast Philadelphia Campus, as well as those in Newtown and Bensalem, Bucks County.


Most materials in this collection are restricted.

Oral History Collection

Holy Family University houses a small collection of oral histories prepared in the early 1990s. Presently, finding aids for these are not available.

Special Collections

Special Collections are other valuable resources for researchers. Three of Holy Family’s larger special collections are the Historic Pennsylvania Collection, the Collection on the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth (CSFN), and the Collection on Holy Family Neighborhood Center. Finding Aids will be published online as they are completed.

  • Historic Pennsylvania
  • CSFN
  • Holy Family Neighborhood Center