Dean Cynthia Russell at the podium

Faculty Excellence

Meet Our Faculty

Holy Family University faculty are renowned for their teaching, research, and practice. In addition to their expertise, they are experts in ensuring that students succeed by creating an open and caring learning environment.

Educational excellence is paired with a philosophy that each student arrives with a unique learning style. Our students consistently report that the dedication of our faculty is what makes a Holy Family education not only valuable, but truly special.

Beyond academic qualifications, one of the key personality traits that we look for at Holy Family University in our faculty members is the willingness to be helpful.

We provide a high standard of education for our students, encouraging them to reach for success. In order to deliver it, we enable a supportive environment.

Four highly ranked schools

Choose from nearly 40 majors that can lead you anywhere you can imagine. Whether in the School of Arts & Sciences, the School of Business & Professional Studies, the School of Education, or the School of Nursing & Health Sciences, our students thrive in an environment that’s challenging, demanding, and rewarding, with more than 625 courses running this fall alone!

Supportive faculty

Here, family truly is our middle name. At Holy Family University, you’ll be mentored by engaged and engaging full and part-time faculty—575+ respected experts—who have the time and commitment to care about your future.

You’ll be encouraged, inspired, and required to participate in a team setting that mirrors the realities of true work life in today’s fast-paced, innovative global community. You might also choose to travel with some of these professors in one of our various study abroad programs.


Earn a minor in Forensic Science at Holy Family University

Faculty School of Arts & Sciences

Stemming from our rich tradition of providing a liberal arts education that balances arts and sciences to create purposeful world citizens, we offer an exciting range of degrees and study options. In fact, Holy Family University offers 13 Bachelor of Arts degree programs, one Bachelor of Science degree, and four interdisciplinary degrees.

Earn your degree in Business Administration at Holy Family University

Faculty School of Business & Professional Studies

The world of business is fascinating and constantly evolving. The School of Business & Professional Studies prepares you for the future—regardless of whether you will be launching your business career, changing career directions, starting a business, or considering graduate school.

Earn a Special Education degree at Holy Family University

Faculty School of Education

Since 1977, more than 3,200 of our students have earned Pennsylvania teaching certification. We provide a high standard of education at a reasonable cost and have become a leading choice for high school graduates, experienced teachers seeking advanced qualifications, and working adults who wish to start a new career.

Earn your degree in Nursing as an RN at Holy Family University

Faculty School of Nursing & Health Sciences

The School of Nursing & Health Sciences provides a variety of degrees and study options for full- and part-time students. These include a traditional four-year bachelor of science in nursing, an associate's program in radiologic science, an accelerated RN to BSN nursing degree option, an accelerated second degree BSN, and a Master of Science in Nursing. Choose an environment where you’ll not only earn a sought-after qualification, but will find support on the journey.