Student Engagement Office - Forms & Policies

Coronavirus Response Plans

  • RSO Coronavirus Guidelines: To ensure the health and safety of individuals and the collective HFU community, Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) will operate with strict parameters during the Fall 2020 semester. This document overviews the established guidelines that have been drafted in accordance with guidelines from the CDC, the Commonwealth of PA, and the City of Philadelphia
  • RSO Coronavirus Response Plan Prompts: The Student Engagement Office is asking all RSOs to create a Coronavirus Response Plan that will outline how the organization will function during Fall 2020. This document provides question prompts for Student Leadership Teams to consider when drafting their plan.
  • RSO Coronavirus Response Plan Submission Form: After reviewing the RSO COVID-19 Response Plan Prompts, please complete this form to file your Response Plan with the Student Engagement Office.The Student Engagement Office will review all submissions and notify RSO Leaders, Advisors, and Coaches on their approval status. Submissions are due Wednesday, September 23rd.
  • Virtual (and Social Distancing) Program Ideas: This is a community developed list of Virtual (and Social Distancing) Program Ideas. All members of the HFU community are able to add additional program ideas to this document.
  • Virtual Team Building Activities: This is a PDF created by Michelle Cummings (and friends!) that the Student Engagement Office found and wants to share with our student leaders!

Event Planning

  • 5-Week Program Planning Guide: Please use this as a guide for planning your program.

  • Catering Request: New for the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year is our Food Services company, Metz Culinary Management. We are hoping to provide more information during Spring 2021 on how to request all of your catering needs!

  • Inclusive Event Planning Guide: This guide offers a wide variety of best practices for making an event universally accessible and inclusive to all members of the HFU community.

  • Mascot Appearance Request Form: Want Blue to make an appearance at your next event? Complete this form more than fourteen (14) days prior to your event and Blue will do their best to make your event a roaring good time!

  • Posting and Advertising Policy: This is the policy that all Registered Student Organizations along with all student-initiated events must abide by to advertise their program through print marketing.

  • Program Form: This form is used to propose a new program and evaluate an already completed program. New events need to be proposed through this form at least 4 weeks before the date of the event. Program evaluations need to be submitted within 48 hours of the event.

  • Room Reservation: All organizations must submit this form 4 weeks prior to the proposed event date. Your request will be reviewed within five business days and you will receive a response confirming or denying your request.

Financial Documents

  • Deposit Slip: When RSOs are depositing funds into their Fundraising Account, the SEO asks students to submit a copy of this deposit slip with their money within 24 hours (or 48 hours if over a weekend) of receiving said funds. To use this template, click on the link and then download a copy to edit and print.
  • Financial Policy Frequently Asked Questions: What can and cannot be purchased are outlined in this document.
  • Registered Student Organization Financial Obligation Form: This document should be included on all Supply Requests. All RSO Treasurers and Advisors must sign off on purchases made by their organization and this document allows for this to happen.
  • Student Initiated Program Fund Request: To request additional funding for a new club or a new event. All grants go through a weekly approval process. Please allow at least one week to hear back about your funding proposal.
  • Supply Request Form: Use this form to request supplies for an event, including van rentals, online purchases, and clothing orders.
  • Tax Exempt Form and W9: The HFU Accounts Payable website maintains updated copies of the University’s Tax Exempt Form along with a W 9 form. Use this link to get access to these documents. RSOs are encouraged to always utilize the Tax Exempt form when making purchases to ensure fiscally responsible purchasing practices.


  • Attendance Tracking Document: A tool for RSO leaders to track their members attendance at meetings. Includes a table to track Executive Board Meetings in addition to General Meetings.
  • Budget Request: This document is meant to be used as a place to outline a proposed budget. Additional budget templates may be requested by the Student Engagement Office. This document should be submitted to the Student Engagement Office every Spring semester in conjunction with the annual Re-Registration process.
  • Budget Tracker Template: Example budget tracker template for RSOs to track their expenses.
  • Constitution: This document is a template for Registered Student Organizations to use when creating a constitution from scratch. There are sections to the constitution that organizations should update to best fit their organization, but there are also sections that should stay exactly the same. A constitution should address how: (a) the organization defines what it means to be a member, (b) an advisor is selected, (c) how finances are handled should the organization dissolve, and (d) membership expectations.
  • Inventory Log: Overtime organizations can acquire lots of physical items. This document is meant to be used by Student Leaders to track what items they have and where the items are located. This document should be submitted to the Student Engagement Office every Spring semester in conjunction with the annual Re-Registration process.
  • Media Plan: No matter the size, planning an event takes a lot of coordination. Tracking the advertisement messages and assigning responsibility can help keep a complicated marketing plan organized. This document can be used by students to create a media plan.
  • Meeting Agenda: An important tool to utilize to keep meetings productive is a strong and easy-to-follow meeting agenda. This document provides an example of how one may facilitate a meeting.
  • Meeting Minutes: It is important for organizations to track the business discussed during a meeting. This template provides an example of how to 
  • Member Roster: Organizations should keep their membership roster updated with the Student Engagement Office at all times, especially if there are any changes to the executive board.
  • New RSO Proposal: Want to start a new Registered Student Organization at Holy Family University? First, email to get a meeting scheduled to discuss the process. In the meantime, review this proposal template and start compiling the information that is included.
  • Password Log: This document should be used to track the usernames and passwords for all online accounts utilized by the Registered Student Organization. This document should be submitted to the Student Engagement Office every Spring semester in conjunction with the annual Re-Registration process.
  • Recruitment Plan Template: The Recruitment Plan Template provides a calendar template for RSOs to plan when they will host recruitment events in addition to providing a list of questions for RSOs to consider when establishing recruitment goals.
  • Transition Document: This is a template for student leaders to utilize when creating position specific transition documents. To use this template, click on the link and then download a copy to edit and print.

Club Sports

  • Clearance Checks FAQ: All Club Sports athletes must be cleared for participation. This document outlines the required documents in addition to how to submit each document.
  • Club Sports Waiver: All Club Sport Athletes must have a copy of this document on file with the Student Engagement Office to be eligible to practice, compete, and officially be listed on the roster. Hard copies of this document are available in NEP CC 213B. To submit this document, email it to, drop off in NEP CC 213B, or mail to Student Engagement Office, Holy Family University, 9801 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19114.
  • Health Packet: The Health Packet is a document that all Club Sports athletes must have on file with the University to participate in Club Sports. Health Services updates and maintains this document. Check their website for an electronic copy of this document along with submission instructions.
  • Incident and Injury Reporting Form: To submit a report, click the link and select “Report New Incident.” In the window that pops up, under forms, select “Injury and Incident Reporting Form” and then click “Create New”. Once the form is completed, it will automatically be sent to the Student Engagement Office.
  • Injury Checklist: Resource guide for Coaches and Club Sport Athletes to follow when an injury has occured in conjunction with a Club Sport.

Additional Documents

  • Advisor Manual: This document overviews best practices for RSO advisors. This manual also overviews development theories, provides guidance on conducting meetings with student leaders, and also further explains the required documents in a way that is most relevant for our advisors.
  • HFU Student Handbook: All RSOs are expected to abide by all rules and policies outlined on the Student Engagement Office website and also in the Student Handbook.
  • Life Cycle of RSO: This document outlines the life-cycle of a Registered Student Organization all the way from an idea through a well oiled-machine.
  • SEO Policy and Procedure Manual: The most up-to-date Policy and Procedure information for all Registered Student Organizations and Club Sports can be found in this document. Email with any policy or procedure questions.
  • Site Supervisor FAQ: All Registered Student Organizations traveling off campus or participating in an officially recognized Club Sport event must have at least one Site Supervisor present over the duration of the event with at least two site supervisors on file with the Student Engagement Office. This document outlines the duties and expectations of a safety monitor.
  • PAW Program: The Point And ReWard System, known as the PAW Program, is the Student Engagement Office’s Challenge and Reward program. The linked document provides a road map for RSOs as they navigate their academic year programming.
  • PAW Program Submission Form:The Point And ReWard System, known as the PAW Program, is the Student Engagement Office’s Challenge and Reward program. This form can be used to submit supplemental materials for the PAW Program.